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Mad about Madagascar

Mad about Madagascar
Madagascar is a country full of colour and character in people, wildlife and landscape.

As Africa’s largest island, 450 km off the eastern coast of Mozambique, its isolation from the mainland has resulted in a completely unique ecosystem, its plants and animals distinctive to the area. Madagascar is a place which exists between imagination and reality, a definite adventure destination for the bucket list. 

Malagasy culture, architecture and landscape are a vibrant mixture of stylish and rustic, wearing its heart on its sleeve as it reveals treasures and welcomes tourism to its shores.  With the combination of beach, rainforest, wetlands and savannah, Madagascar offers a rich and varied experience. Unique by nature, one encounters landscapes and species endemic to the island, an African adventure like none-other. Here, you may have your safari cake and beach it too, balancing walking in the footsteps of the wild, to swimming in turquoise waters fringed by white sandy beaches.

Rainforests are home to the quirky lemur, many which are both endemic and endangered, panther chameleons, flamboyant frogs as well as over 280 bird species. Its landscapes of mangroves, lagoons, lakes, baobab forests and waterfalls are an invitation for exploration, summoning the safari seekers of alternative African adventure! Our Jenman African Safari specialists have selected three of our favourite tours to get your Malagasy taste buds tingling!

1000 Views of Madagascar

1000 Views of Madagascar
1000 Views of Madagascar

They say a picture paints a thousand words. As such, our 1000 Views of Madagascar tour could scribe a book on the colourful and character filled country that is Madagascar, an island waiting to be explored. Discover the best of Madagascar during our fascinating 12-day tour with lemurs, colourful tribes, tropical beaches, bustling markets and ever-changing scenery. Confronted with its authenticity on arrival in the capital, Antananarivo, one is whisked away into the rhythm of Malagasy culture, setting the theme of curiosity for the rest of one’s Madagascan adventure. 

Barefoot Luxury  Southern Madagascar Explorer


Begin in Ifotaka, an area known for its spectacular natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, as well as its historical and sacred sites. It is home to the remote Ifotaka Community Forest, which is a wild, secluded sanctuary protected by the local Antandroy people. This off-the-beaten-track destination features abundant spiny forest, ancient hidden tombs, and unspoilt landscape inhabited by an array of endemic wildlife. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in local traditions and visit the ombiasy healer.

Manafiafy is a sleepy fishing village sweetened with the aromas of coffee, vanilla and cloves. The area is historical as well as traditional – fishermen out at sea in dugout canoes. The 1km long and 300m wide Sainte Luce Reserve is a small park with a big soul which lies at the heart of rainforest country. Remote beaches, riverine lagoons and lush tropical forests and mangroves make up the area’s ecosystem.

Ile Saint Marie Beach Package

Madagascar is not only known for its endemic fauna and flora, but is also renowned for its endless coastline, white sandy beaches, sparkling clear turquoise water and restaurants serving seafood feasts on the sand. Ile Sainte Marie is a very long and very thin strip of tropical beach and turquoise sea paradise in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

The former pirate’s hideout is 7km wide and 58km in length – and between June and September, visited by humpback whales! Its soft beaches are lined with coconut palms, coral reefs for snorkelling and diving, inland waterfalls and basalt rock formations; an invitation for exploration. 

A combination of the above bold and authentic qualities lured JENMAN African Safaris to become safari experts of this weird and wonderful wilderness, welcoming us, and you to its shores! Your adventure, our expertise.

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