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Victoria Falls Tour Packages
Whether you are coming or going, it is the perfect addition to your African adventure, offering an array of travel tinctures to suit the point in your journey.

Victoria Falls is a world wonder, a UNESCO heritage site, a popular location to begin your vacation with JENMAN’s Victoria Falls tour packages. It holds wildlife wonders in and around the eccentric tourist town, displays local arts and culture and celebrates adrenaline activities. It gets your heart pumping when rafting down its wild waters, falling in love with its people or in the presence of creatures great and small. JENMAN African Safaris has a number of Victoria Falls tour packages to chose from.

Zambezi River, Chobe & Delta

Beginning in Livingstone, Zambia, this tour welcomes you with the vistas of Victoria Falls. Livingstone town was born out of the iconic waterfall and the desire for travelers to lay their eyes upon its glory. And it is truly glorious, in a myriad of ways. Depending on the season, you can see the falls rising up into the sky from kilometers away, claiming its territory with its spray, living up to its local name: ‘Mosi-o-a-tunya’ – The Smoke that Thunders. And thunder it does! 

As the fourth-longest river in the world as well as the waters which feed the mighty Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River is as mighty as its reputation. Renowned for its impressive, shifting migratory population of more than 50,000 elephants, Chobe National Park is situated in the far northeast of Botswana, bordered to the north by the mighty Chobe River. This diversity of habitats provides a sanctuary to an astonishing array of African wildlife and a must to experience on our Victoria Falls tour packages.

The Okavango is a biodiversity hotspot, its landscape shaped by water, wildlife existing with the seasonal ebbs and flows. Such diversity of ecosystem attracts a wealth of life, from insects to reptiles, fish, birds and mammals. It is one of the few inland water deltas in the world, nourishing expansive wildlife populations which depend upon its mosaic of land and water.

Chobe & Hwange Hideaway

The Chobe & Hwange Hideaway itinerary begins in Victoria Falls, on the Zimbabwean side. The experience of this mighty waterfall is an all-encompassing sensory explosion. From its energetically charged vibrations, seeing the spray claim the sky from a distance and then feeling the waters of the Zambezi land upon your skin, to the smell of the damp rainforest, alive with its own creatures – begs no question as to why this is a world wonder. 

Heading to Chobe, you will not only spot great pachyderm herds, but you are also likely to see lion, leopard, hyena, wild dog, impala, waterbuck, kudu, zebra, wildebeest giraffe, and warthog. The park is also famous for its wonderful riverboat safaris, making Chobe an essential destination for any avid safari enthusiast. Final Destination: Hwange National Park, the oldest and largest national park in Zimbabwe.

The area is an invitation to explore and fully immerse in nature, which you may very well do without seeing another soul! The park is vast and varied, covering an impressive 14,650 sq km, enough space for the wilderness to be your own. 

Botswana Wildlife Breakaway

Our Botswana Wildlife Breakaway celebrates the landscapes of Botswana and Namibia. Quilted in wetlands, forests, floodplains, open grassland and lily covered lagoons, Moremi Game Reserve is one of Africa’s most beautiful conservation areas. Moremi is also a stronghold for the wild dog population of Botswana, a successful reintroduction of rhinos, and the home to more than 500 bird species. The reserve is literally bursting with life, honoured by the presence of the Big 5.

This 14-night wildlife adventure begins in Maun, Botswana and finishes in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. One simply cannot remain the same after being in the presence of such a waterfall – feeling atomically changed after an encounter with such energy, lasting long after the safari ends. 

The Great Trans African Safari

Starting in Windhoek, Namibia, with a finale of the Victoria Falls, this 21-day safari encompasses the essence of Africa. From the breathtaking magnitude of Namibia’s desert and dunes, to the water’s edge of the Okavango Delta to the wildlife finale of Hwange National Park, this tour is sure to leave you wanting more African adventure. Concluding the journey at the mighty Victoria Falls, one can reflect on their recent experiences during the Great Trans African Safari. With feet rooted to the earth with eyes upon the cascading Zambezi waters – mesmerised at its pure power – one is almost absorbed into their surroundings.

The smell of the earth, the tropical and lush forest, covered in thundering smoke – akin to a dream. One must take time to walk along the footpaths and stop at each viewpoint, exploring the flora, encountering the fauna and experiencing the phenomenal. The butterflies, the fungi, the birdlife and the elusive bushbuck are all of the smaller details of this larger-than-life world wonder, embracing and blossoming in its energy. It has this effect on all those who are lucky enough to encounter it, in all its glory. 

Northern Skies

Beginning in Swakopmund and ending in Victoria Falls, our 3 week Northern Skies tour is an exploration of Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The Namib desert is the oldest in the world, as well as containing the world’s highest dunes, the most famous being Big Daddy and Dune 45.

Terracotta sand dunes are filled with tracks of desert life, scatterings of tiny insects, spiders, chameleons, geckos and moles. A tour with a professional guide opens up a whole world of creatures missed by the untrained eye. The Okavango Delta’s water ends in the Kalahari – with over 95% of the water eventually evaporating – hence sometimes referred to as ‘the river that never finds the sea’. Its meandering waterways, palm fringed islands, ox-bow lakes and lagoons give the area an exquisite beauty, as well as an abundant ecosystem.

A wide variety of species live off its varied habitats. The quaint little town of Victoria Falls has a big heart and exudes a larger than life sense of adventure. Small in size yet significant in reputation, the area has grown and blossomed to embrace and offer a wide variety of experiences and activities, satiating the wide variety of travellers which pass through its one main road.

To scribe your own chapter in a southern African safari, contact one of our safari specialists to springboard you to Victoria Falls and beyond with our amazing Victoria Falls tour packages.

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