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Travel is Good for the Mind, Body & Soul

Traveling is a holistic experience; one that benefits the mind, body and soul. It revitalises all three, stimulating the senses through new experiences, fresh perspectives and foreign encounters. We often need to step out of our comfort zones in order to surrender fully to the present, gifting ourselves some distance from daily distraction. The African landscape lends itself to personal restoration – the wilderness in all its wonder calling us to be present, unwind and reconnect.

If you listen carefully, you can hear nature speaking to us, sharing her knowledge of old. Birdsong welcomes the morning, accompanied by hippo’s in the distance, wallowing within water that laps upon rocks and land. She speaks through the rumbles of a thunderstorm, preparing to nourish the soil, the roar of the lion stating his territory and the cracks of sticks and leaves along an elephant’s journey. The wild is alive with her voice, we simply need to listen. It is in these secrets she shares that we learn resilience, patience and courage.

We seem to find a certain sense of peace in the wild. There exists a delicate balance that deems adversity necessary, using the challenge to grow and adapt. We are able to restore this balance within ourselves when we immerse ourselves in the wilderness, mirroring its ways. We access and implement restoration through our senses, absorbing the smells, sights and sounds of nature, and the feel of sunlight and air upon our skin. 

We return to our roots when we feel the need to change. The elements of earth resonate with our elements within, awakening parts of ourselves we have allowed to become dormant. There is something about nature that we seem to innately understand, age-old wisdom communicated through the wilderness.

Cultivating and committing to one’s sense of growth is highly under-estimated. There are a variety of ways in which we can achieve this on a more regular basis, finding ways to relax which benefit the soul. These tools last beyond the practice itself, their effects long-lasting in life. They equip us with the ability to approach situations with a tranquil mind, having taken the time to destress.

This ability is of absolute value as we face challenging situations, being able to regulate our emotions and perceptions. It allows us to respond rather than react, a beneficial life skill for facing adversity.

Breathe, seek space, observe and surrender to your surroundings, allowing the moment to awaken all those dormant spaces within. Stretch, walk and root your feet to the African ground, simultaneously grounding yourself in the process.

Spend time with local people, harvesting and nurturing conversations that will resonate years after the safari ends. And finally, daydream, inviting the quiet nature of your thoughts to silence any stresses, held by the backdrop of sunrise, sunset or a sky full of stars. Africa understands that slowing down as well as exploring are necessities for the soul, offering both in ample amounts.

Accept her invitation to do so, subsequently feeding your mind, body and soul.

Travel is Good for the Mind, Body & Soul