brin it on 2013

We say BRING ON 2013, we can’t wait!

bring on 2013
Exciting 2013 with Jenman Safaris

We say BRING ON 2013, we can’t wait!

We only have a few months left of 2012 and while we don’t want to wish the time away we can’t help but be EXTREMELY EXCITED for 2013. Next year promises to be one of the most exhilarating adventures ever for us. If we had to share our top 5 reasons why 2013 is going to be a great year for us (and you), then these would have to be them:

  • Exclusive FAM Trips:


    1. Our consultants and marketing reps are going to be offering exclusive educational adventures to some of their favourite agents. These trips will be tailored to build and strengthen our relationships, boast about our services, share

Africa’s highlights

    and of course educate our staff and our valued agents!

  1. African cuisine meetings: Just because we are at a travel show doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some delicious African cuisine while talking business. At INDABA 2013 we will be taking a chef with us – to treat, you, our agents (and us!) to a different kind of meeting..
  2. bring it 2013
    Excitement 2013

    Products, products and products: 2013 is the year that we change the expected into the unexpected. We have classified our tours into 2 categories: Lodge safaris and Adventure safaris with set departure dates. This means that our like-minded clients will be travelling together, enjoying the same accommodation level, the same animal sights and the same activities. There will be no more mixed accommodation levels on one departure. This is an exciting new venture and one we are sure is going to see a great change to our safaris!

  3. African Luxury Hideaways: Yes, we had to share this again! The revival of our brand and the launch of 2 new eco-lodges is extremely thrilling. We are going to be venturing into a new market with two barefoot luxury eco-lodges.
  4. Fun: 2013 is the year that we are focusing all our attention on creating more fun on our tours and safaris… we want to make the experience even more memorable! Which is another reason why we are launching more tours in 2013, such as; a Madagascar canoeing safari where clients will canoe amongst the breath-taking mangroves in the south-eastern untouched region of Madagascar.

Contact us on if you want to become a part of our EXCITING 2013 year!


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