Visit Vic Falls via Zim as Zambia runs out of Univisas

KAZA Univisa stickers have been suspended at the key Zambian border posts due to a shortage of stock while Zimbabwe continues to offer them, making it the gateway of choice.

But there is speculation that Zimbabwe only has two weeks’ stock left.

The visa allows travellers to remain in Zambia and Zimbabwe for 30 days. It also covers those who visit Botswana for day trips through certain posts and saves tourists a great deal of time and money.

Tourism Update contacted the Zimbabwean Immigration Department for confirmation on the matter, however, they refused to comment.

A recent article in Tourism Update reported on the current shortage of KAZA Univisa stickers. Contact was made with the Zambia Immigration Public Relations Office, where a member confirmed the shortage of KAZA Univisas, saying: “We are pursuing some solutions of some sort.”

KAZA Univisas have been suspended temporarily from Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport (Livingstone), Victoria Falls border post (the bridge border on the Zambian side), and Kazungula Border Post (Zambian side from Botswana).

Until the matter has been resolved, tourists arriving in Zambia will need to buy a Zambian single- or double-entry visa. If tourists in Zambia want to cross to Zimbabwe they will need to also get a visa from Zimbabwe at the following cost:

  • Category B: Zimbabwe visa fees:

Single entry: $30 (€25)
Double entry: $45 (€38)
Multiple entry: $55 (€47)

  • Category B: Exceptions:

British and Irish passports:

Single entry: $55 (€47)
Double entry: $70 (€59)

Canadian passports:

Single entry: $75 (€64)

Running out of stickers for the KAZA Univisa seems to be a recurring problem, resulting in inconvenience for tourists, as well as extra costs and time.

Written by Kylie Granat
Published 23 Aug 2017
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