southern africa

Unusual Souvenirs from Southern Africa

southern africa
A necklace of The Nyaminyami (Zambezi River God)

Have you recently visited Southern Africa and taken home something really unique as a souvenir of your trip?

We at Jenman Safaris have had many clients tell us about countless treasures they have found while on safari with us.  One recent guest was thrilled to go home with a necklace of The Nyaminyami (Zambezi River God).  The Nyaminyami is a Tonga people legendary creature – people going to Zimbabwe can buy a carving or a piece of jewellery in the shape of this dragon-like creature, with a snake’s torso and the head of a fish.  There is a history behind this figure; it is said to live in the Zambezi River and control the life within it.  It also is supposed to protect the Tonga people in difficult times.

We would love to hear about your interesting souvenirs of Southern Africa!  If you have found something really special on one of your safaris with us, please send tell us about it in an email, along with a photo of it, and send to  For anyone interested in booking a trip to Zimbabwe, where Nyaminyamis and many other items (jewellery, carvings, curios) that are artistic and culturally unique can be found, please visit or or

southern africa
Visit the mighty Victoria Falls
southern africa
Spot a rainbow over the Victoria Falls while on a guided tour


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