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Unique Tours in Madagascar

Unique Tours in Madagascar

Madagascar is a country that is still shrouded in mystery. This majestic island nation remains relatively unfamiliar even for experienced travellers, despite the fact that numerous popular tourist destinations are in close proximity to Madagascar, such as Zanzibar, Mauritius and even Mozambique.

Most of these tourist hotspots have become well known for their endless stretches of tropical beaches. While Madagascar has some of the most pristine beaches to be found anywhere on the globe, it’s not only a beach destination. What makes Madagascar special – and superior in my opinion – to other island destination is that is offers a large variety of experiences. Here are 7 incredible holiday experiences that Madagascar can show off with pride.

Sleep like a lemur on your own private island

If you’ve always loved treehouses as a child, then you will love Manafiafy’s “tree tents” that hang between palm trees on your own private island. Manafiafy Beach and Rainforest Lodge offers an exciting option for couples looking for a unique experience. A boat takes travellers to a remote private island a few kilometres from this seaside resort, where you will spend the night in specially designed tree tents. Sleep under the trees and sway gently in the breeze – as the sounds of Madagascar’s active nightlife lulls you to sleep.

 Row, row, row your boat… and sleep on river banks!  

If getting ‘off the beaten track’ is what thrills you then barging up the Tsiribihina River could be just the getaway you’re looking for! Spend your days cruising on the river, swimming in pools with tropical waterfalls, spotting bird life, and camping – yes, that real wild camping kind – on the banks of the river!

Madagascar Adventure

Roll through lemur territory with a bicycle

Consider yourself to be the more energetic holiday goer? Not interested in roasting on a beach and sipping cocktails? Then why not discover the natural beauty of Madagascar by bicycle? In 8 spectacular days, guests will journey on quiet roads through a landscape of dramatic highland plains, past unique rock formations, and tropical rainforests and go for a dip in natural swimming pools. Not for cyclist beginners!

Madagascar road

Madagascar has unexplored roads. Get going in a 4×4!

Much of Madagascar is slowly being developed, but a number of regions still remain inaccessible. Unless of course, you’re travelling by 4×4! If you are looking for a rough, tumbling, and thrilling holiday – with just a touch of swishy luxury – discover the remote areas of Madagascar in a 4×4 tour. The best part of choosing this itinerary is the chance to explore the remote town of Bekopaka and the world heritage site Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. This activity is combined with the River Camping itinerary (see above) giving you the best of two adventures.

Muddy Road

Solar eclipse let you down in foggy Europe? Visit sunny Madagascar’s paradise island

If telescopes and planets are your things, and grey European weather is letting you down, then Madagascar’s Annular Solar Eclipse on the 1st of September 2016 might just be your thing. It could be the ideal setting for a proposal or a wedding as an Annular is rare and one that few will be lucky enough to be a witness in their lifetime. This occurs when the moon covers the sun during the day, which leaves only the sun’s edges visible. This causes a “ring of fire” or annulus to appear around the iridescent moon.


 Love Hiking? See Madagascar by Foot

Madagascar has some of the world’s most unique ecosystems from tropical rainforests to rock formations that seem to be aliens from another planet. With our trekking itinerary, you get to see this incredible country on foot, following ancient trails and exploring Madagascar’s natural phenomena like David Attenborough. Book this incredible trekking holiday if you’re itching to get your hiking boots muddy.

Hiking in Madagascar
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