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Travel Tips for Introverts

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Travel Tips for Introverts

Travel is often perceived to be only prescribed for the adventurous, those who seek to chase adrenalin and thrilling exploration. Perhaps it is the word ‘adventure’ which is actually mis-understood, as adventures appear in various forms evoking a range of emotions. The adventurous spirit may be one who wishes to ride the waves of the Zambezi River, or sing and dance beside local performers, or they may be found quietly observing nature, from a hot air balloon, on horseback or in a deserted town in the desert. There are no boundaries or borders to the adventurous spirit, whether it be tackling fresh terrain outdoors, or absorbing surroundings in inner exploration; the soul is equally fulfilled.

Africa’s landscape is undoubtedly an invitation for adventure. It calls to the wild wanderer, the culturally curious, the artist as well as the philosopher. Its gorges and rivers summon the athletic explorer, where as its vistas beckon the dreamers, and its cultural quilt, historians. It seems to have understood these characters since the beginning of time, with its rock paintings, its pioneers and its raw beauty. Africa offers a travel tincture for everyone, reaching out in recognition of what you seek in a journey.

Jenman African Safaris has put together a list to satiate the travel appetite of the quieter traveler, the observer, the introvert. With a deep understanding of the effects Africa has on one’s soul, and where to find the beauty in silence and exclusivity, we have chosen three of our top tours which encapsulate the quiet.

Chobe & Hwange Hideaway

​​Just as great elephant herds migrate between the wildlife-rich regions of Chobe and Hwange, so too can safari enthusiasts explore these two most magnificent regions. Our Jenman Select Chobe & Hwange Hideaway boasts locations that are far away from the crowds so guests can experience a unique African hideaway that sits within bucket list destinations. Experience the beauty of the bush on foot, through guided safari walks; on 4 wheels, as your traverse the wilderness in open safari vehicles; on water, experiencing the wild from a different viewpoint on a sunset cruise on the Zambezi and a river cruise along the Chobe; and even in the air, with the option of a Hot Air Balloon trip in Botswana.

Grand Landscapes of Namibia

If there was a country which embodied the ideals of solitude, it would be Namibia. Its vast desert landscapes, limitless horizons and endless savannahs call for quiet contemplation, the scenery captivating in its magnitude. Our Grand Landscapes of Namibia tour celebrates this serenity by exploring some of the most dramatic landscapes in Africa. These include the sand dunes of Sossusvlei, the coastal town of Swakopmund, the ancient San paintings at Spitzkoppe, and wildlife-rich Etosha National Park.

Namibia Self-Drive Adventure Deadvlei

Kruger & Mozambique Safari & Beach Experience

At nearly 2 million hectares the Kruger National Park is one of the world’s largest game reserves and a truly remarkable destination. Because of its exceptional size you can experience amazing diversity – from the scenery and ecosystems to the amazing array of animals, trees and birds. Mozambique is a haven which will satisfy your cravings for exclusivity, as well as fresh, local cuisine. Influences from its Portuguese past infused with traditional flavours are the side dish to this beach holiday. Isolated beach picnics and deserted islands surrounded by turquoise sea awaken the dreamer within. Our Kruger & Mozambique Safari & Beach Experience offers seclusion in wildest Africa, to dreamy sandy beaches and calming azure waters.

As the light at the end of the travel tunnel appears, it seemingly shines directly on introverts. Options for exclusive journeys void of crowds offer the quieter travellers’ their dream safari. Fewer tourists, less bustle, longer stays and more intimate encounters tick all the boxes for a peaceful African adventure.

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