Travel shows – why I love them, and you should too 7

Travel shows – why I love them, and you should too

Travel shows – why I love them, and you should too 8I like to consider myself somewhat of an adventurer, nothing too hectic, just a little adrenaline from time to time, perhaps I should say more of an explorer, really.
I like to discover things that are outside of my day to day city-dwelling existence – interesting people, different places, beautiful landscapes, wild nature, raw & untamed – things that don’t feature regularly in the average nine to five desk job worker’s lifestyle.

I enjoy the escapism of travel, whether it be escaping for a weekend to a country town just a few hours out of the city, or an overland journey through rural Africa, or backpacking across South America. Something about discovering the world makes me come alive, and even a fleeting thought of a new adventure gives purpose to the daily grind – to travel costs money after all.

Travel shows – why I love them, and you should too 9Attending travel shows has been a hobby of mine since I can remember. I always look forward to spending a day discovering what’s new on the travel scene, wandering through the stalls and dreaming about new places to explore.
It’s usually the larger outdoor stalls that attract more of my attention – those with 4×4’s, tents, and overland trucks, perhaps because it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to travel by road from Cape to Kenya. I will do it one day, whether I drive myself in my old trusty 4×4, or whether I join an organised tour, it’s something on my bucket list for ‘one day’. In the meantime though it’s the small escapes that keep me going, and travel shows inspire me to keep getting out there. Attending travel shows is a way to keep the dreams alive, just one day spent wondering through stalls, looking at tents, talking to people about their travels stories is enough to keep me going until the next big adventure.

Travel shows – why I love them, and you should too 10So it was with excitement that I found myself behind the scenes at a travel show in Johannesburg recently. Instead of being the explorer looking for inspiration, I was the one in the stall, sharing the dream with other future explorers, adventurers and dreamers. It’s one thing to dream about exploring new places, but I’ve discovered how much more exciting it is to inspire others to dream about escaping the day to day reality, to share my passion for travelling, discovery and adventure – to ignite a desire in others to experience what’s out there away from the daily grind and to really discover our world. Now that made me feel alive!

With that experience under my belt, I am looking forward to the upcoming Getaway Show at Lourensford in Somerset West next weekend (15 – 17 March). I will be there to inspire you all to travel, to encourage you to explore and to help you plan your dream trip, whether it is to East Africa to see the endless herds on the famous migration, or jump on a mokoro and slowly and quietly discover the secrets of the Okavango Delta, or explore the rainforests and bizarre wildlife of mysterious but beautiful Madagascar. There is a dream trip out there for everyone, you just need a bit of inspiration to discover what it is, and someone with some experience to assist you to make it a reality. Oh, and of course I will enjoy the show for myself and find some more of my own inspiration there too!

– Ruth (Senior Tour Consultant, Jenman African Safaris)

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