Zimbabwe Villas

Zimbabwe is truly a destination unrivalled. Ecologically biodiverse, unique and various in landscape as well as colourful and rich in culture, a visit to Zimbabwe satiates a wide range of curiosities and bucket list experiences. 

Zimbabwe’s charm resonates from one side of the country to the other, its rich and varied landscapes irresistible to the safari aficionado. From the cascading waters of Victoria Falls to the undulating rock formations of Matobo Hills, with the wild wonders of Hwange National Park in between – awaken the wanderer within and embark on an exclusive journey through Zimbabwe’s landscapes and waterways.

Nantwich Safari Lodge Hwange

Hideaways Nantwich Lodge, Hwange

From: $ 2,800.00
Sovereign Houseboat
Private Villa Safaris

Sovereign Houseboat, Lake Kariba

From: $ 3,960.00
Fothergill Island Suite Interior
Private Villa Safaris

Fothergill Island Suites & Lake Suites, Lake Kariba

From: $ 3,360.00
The Homestead Bathtub View
Private Villa Safaris

Camp Amalinda Homestead, Matobo Hills

From: $ 2,218.00
Khayelitshe House Sunset Aerial View
Private Villa Safaris

Khayelitshe House, Matobo Hills

From: $ 2,860.00
The Palm River Villa Aerial View With River
Private Villa Safaris

The Palm River Villa, Victoria Falls

From: $ 2,228.00
Matetsi River House swimming pool
Private Villa Safaris

Matetsi River House Private Villa, Victoria Falls

From: $ 2,980.00