Private Villa Safaris

Africa is sewn together in a rich and colorful tapestry, one waiting to be explored by following the footsteps of giants, venturing in a safari vehicle, riding the wind in a hot air balloon, or cruising its uncharted waters. From the vast plains of the Serengeti, to the undulating dunes of Namibia, turquoise coastline of Mozambique and quilted cultures of Southern Africa, this wild continent is a feast for the safari aficionado.

The unexpected and untamed terrain is cushioned in luxury, high quality experience coupled with high quality service. Exclusive journeys and spacious villas invite you to embark on a getaway of personal space, safely distanced yet intimately connected to your surroundings. Iconic and secret destinations await with a dedicated team of chefs, private guides and vehicles, ready to welcome you to your African adventure.

Peruse our choice of private villas, each property emanating a piece of Africa’s wonder filled colourful character, fringed in luxury.