The world’s 4th largest island is a fascinating destination for anyone with even the slightest interested in wildlife and plant life. With some of the most unique flora and fauna spread over diverse landscapes varying from tropical beaches, red clay deserts, lush green forests, and spiky grey limestone rock plateaus amongst others. And of course, the best place to learn more about lemurs.

Madagascar Andasibe safari

1000 Views of Madagascar - 12 Day Madagascar safari holiday package

From: $ 2,880.00

Beach and Lemur Explorer - 10 Days in Madagascar

From: $ 4,053.00
Morondava and tsingy

Morondava Baobab and Tsingy - 7 Days Madagascar Safari

From: $ 1,145.00
Madagascar and Tsingy Rock Formations

Madagascar North Adventure - 8 Days

From: $ 1,746.00
Diving coral reefs at Ile Sainte Marie

Île Sainte-Marie Beach Package - 6 Days

From: $ 1,064.00
Andasibe Reserve Lemur Experience

Andasibe Reserve Lemur Experience - 5 Days

From: $ 890.00
Madagascar Island holiday

Nosy Be Beach - 8 Days

From: $ 2,547.00

Andasibe Reserve Wildlife Experience

From: $ 450.00
DSC01347 2

Diego & Montagne d’Ambre Package

From: $ 723.00
Madagascar Nosy Be

Madagascar East Tour

From: $ 1,128.00
Beautiful pure nature landscape Masoala National Park in front rock and in back rainforrest Madagascar picturesque wilderness nature scene.

Masoala Adventure

From: $ 1,466.90
southern flamingo

Southern Flamingo Package

From: $ 586.27
A river front dinner at Mandrare River Lodge

Mandrare River Camp - Mandrare River, Madagascar

From: $ 436.00

Manafiafy Beach and Rainforest Lodge - Manafiafy, Madagascar

From: $ 410.00
Ponton soir

Princesse Bora Lodge & Spa – Ile Sainte-Marie

From: $ 198.00
Grand Urban Hotel

Grand Urban Hotel - Antananarivo, Madagascar

From: $ 69.00