good cause

“Take your clothes off for a good cause” she said.

good cause
A lady posing for the Save the Rhino calendar

Sorry for disappointing you but this article will not be focusing on Nude Safaris promoted by a freakish Safari Company.

We all know that northern Europe’s population doesn’t have any trouble with nakedness and inhibition, given the number of German people taking over French and Spanish Nudist beaches during summer. So, when our German marketing manager told us about shedding our clothes to save the rhinos, we weren’t sure if it’s was either to militate against rhino’s poaching or to satiate her human (but German) nature…

The 18th of February 2012 was a day of much excitement for the participants of Jenman African Safaris “Save the Rhino” calendar project. After much planning the day finally arrived and everything seemed to fall into place. The group arrived at Meghan’s (our office administrator’s) small holding near Philadelphia and was welcomed generously. Everybody was enthusiastic to be there, one could feel the nervous vibe amongst the models as the day went on, but it only contributed to the excitement and fun of the day.

good cause
Save the Rhino calendar

After few hours some of the Jenman’s staff started imitating the animals they epitomized. Maybe too much excitement??? For example; R******* (The chameleon) was trying to observe two different objects simultaneously and catching flies with her tongue…which was a complete disaster!

The makeup artists, students from the Make Up Issue descended upon us and everyone was transformed! They were really professional and enthusiastic and even the heat of the day didn’t get them down, as they had to keep reapplying the make-up because it kept melting. Zoe (photographer) and Stacey (photographers assistant), really put everyone at ease during the shoot as everyone was extremely nervous and self conscious.
As you can see, this Saturday was for us a great moment of fun and we are hoping to raise enough money to make the difference in the struggle against Rhino poaching.

After a quick poll in the office, the below answers to the question seemed the most popular!

What’s the best excuse to give your partner for buying the calendar?
1. Of course I bought it for the rhinos!!!
2. A Calendar is always useful to plan our next holidays
3. It’s not porn it’s artistic nudeness, honey …

Spread the word; get your copy at



“Take your clothes off for a good cause” she said. 1 “Take your clothes off for a good cause” she said. 3“Take your clothes off for a good cause” she said. 5 Delicious

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