The Southern Tip of Africa with the Ducks of Jenman

30 415873 km2 is the total surface of the African Continent… and I touched its tip with my toes. Who knew that someday I would be in one of the most mythical places of the earth…? One of the advantages of being a trainee at Jenman African Safaris is that we are useful everywhere even to fill up a place on an employee Cape Point award tour…  Team Duck won a very competitive Easter Egg Hunt and their prize was the Cape Point trip….

Even though I wasn’t part of Team Duck I was sneakily supporting them…. The original team of Ducks was composed of Lisa, Asheeqah, Jennifer, Jo and Lizette (Hilka and Mucha were supposed to be joining, but they were on duty)… and Ayanda, Antoinette and I were the lucky opportunists who joined.

Planned departure: 08:00 am: with 8 girls on board, it’s quite obvious to plan a margin of 10min of delay. Perfection takes time…
When the Jenman Quantum was finally loaded with all the “poultry” we began our adventure by driving to Cape Point via Constantia to avoid the morning traffic jams in the direction of Cape Town.

While John (our Jenman daytrip driver) drove us through the posh and trendy Constantia neighborhood, we eyed the magnificent millionaires villas of Constantia, which is in the top 10 most expensive places to buy a property in South Africa (referring to the information of our hilarious guide, John). Not to worry, I will begin my savings now….

A few minutes later, we are on Chapman Peak’s road: rocky, granitic and calcareous at our left and the big intimidating space of the ocean at our right side… The view is magnificent – a glassy sea which nothing perturbs. Well, actually … Antoinette throws a tantrum for us to stop the car immediately…her excuse was to appreciate the view more – but, we all know it’s because she was about the throw up! Laughs.

We stop on a small headland where the sight is absolutely breath-taking. As a professional tourist I found it “normal” not to bring a camera and I ridiculously had to try and take photos with my 1.2 pixels cell-phone.  But actually, it doesn’t spoil the landscape at all. It remains memorable.
The big space below us was intimidating and John points out to us that the guardrails are kind of discriminatory because they serve absolutely nothing to people who measure more than 1.40metres tall.  I am 1.41metres, may I?

Driving on the skirts of the mountain, we approach De Noordhoek which is still an unknown place in my directory (because I carefully write down every strange city name in a notebook…), but apparently, the place holds a special highlight.  A cookie shop that only exists there … Indeed it’s the wonderland of muffins, biscuits, cupcakes. A deserved greedy stop for the poultry. It seems that we need to fill up in saccharine considering the upcoming ascent which awaits us in a few minutes.

Sport: one of my favorite excuses to stuff myself with sweets.

Still no Cape Point in sight, but now, Antoinette needs a wee-wee break. As a quick reminder she manages the human resources department at Jenman Safaris and occasionally, the stops during the tours. Laughs.

As soon as all the ducks are in the car again, we hit the road and  pass by the beautiful beach of Long Beach, Kommetjie (read Komeki, according to the funny Afrikaans grammatical rules) and pass by another toll and finally… I can smell the sea.

But first, we proudly burn our calories by hiking to the lighthouse of Cape Point. On our left, the funicular and the lifts which defy us, we, are proud hiking ducks!
Some strides later … We all discover an astonishing view. From where we are, above everything, it feels like we are the king of the world. Yes, the Ducks rule! At the East, the space of the ocean and the rocky cliffs covered with mosses, the silent lapping of waves and moving gradation of the ocean. At the West, a sea of fog which recovers the top of the ocean, and the sweetness of a winter sun on our faces.

It seems incredible to me to say to myself that I was at the tip of this immense continent A memorable experience of a lifetime. In case you didn’t know it, ducks are photo posers. So we decide to put for a souvenir photo, legs raised in the glory of our adventure!

At the end of the day, I had a great journey discovering this amazing place with the Duck team. I’ve just been in Cape Town for 4 months and it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with South Africa! Quack Quack!

– Salohy (Jenman Safaris Malagasy Intern)

If you would like to enjoy the adventures of Cape Point we have a great Cape Point daytrip: The tour commences at 8:30. We travel along the Atlantic Seaboard via Sea Point, Clifton and Camps Bay, stopping at a Llandudno look-out point before continuing to Hout Bay, a quaint village and fishing harbour with magnificent mountain views and beach. Here you have the option to take a boat trip to Seal Island (seasonal and not included in the cost). We carry on over Chapman’s Peak, one of the world’s most breathtaking coastal drives, to Cape Point and the Good Hope Nature Reserve. The reserve is rich in magnificent fynbos vegetation, birdlife, endemic antelope species and zebra, an historic lighthouse and shipwrecks.  After lunch at a nearby restaurant (not included in the cost), we travel on to Simon’s Town, a village with charming Victorian architecture, a naval base and a large penguin colony at the beautiful Boulders Beach. The tour ends at ± 17:30 after a visit to the well-known Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. ZAR 680 per person… Click here to read more of book online!

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