Unveiling the Sandpit and Delivering Painted Tyres to Rosmead Primary School

In our last newsletter, we told you about the tyres that the Jenman office painted for the children of Rosmead Primary. Now, we are excited to tell you that the tyres have been delivered to the schoolchildren and the visit coincided with the unveiling of the new sandpit that we built as part of our goal to upgrade the outdoor play area for the children.

Besides being a source of joy to the children the brightly painted tyres also provide excellent developmental benefits. Whether through navigating obstacle courses made by the tyres, pushing, rolling, stacking and even running with the tyres (their favourite activity) the children are developing their muscles and greatly improving their gross motor skills, as well as learning about shapes. The gross motor skills impact the fine motor skills like cutting, colouring in and writing. Deputy Principal Ian Kriel says “It’s all learning, big play affects little play”.

Rosmead Primary School
Rosmead Primary School pupil enjoying the painted tires

The building of the sandpit was made possible with the kind assistance of Builder’s Warehouse that very generously donated the necessary materials. The children were absolutely thrilled with the sandpit and enthusiastically piled in and started making sand castles and cakes. This kind of playing, while incredibly enjoyable, is also an excellent educational resource for the children. They learn about basic science and maths concepts such as volume, capacity, measuring, estimating, experimenting and construction. They learn this through seemingly simple things like emptying and filling a bucket or making levels on their sandcastle or cake. All this lifting and digging is also improving their muscle development and gross motor skills, then using their fingers and hands to sift, mould and pat the sand exercises the smaller muscles and their fine motor skills. Of course, they are also learning about sharing and even improving their vocabulary. It’s an educational goldmine in the sandpit!

Rosmead Primary School
Rosmead Primary School pupils enjoying the new sandpit

Our next goal is to lay some green astroturf around the sandpit and jungle gym so watch this space!

If you would like to get involved please visit the Grow Africa page or contact Pierce at grow.africa@outlook.com

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