Safari Share

Children who are exposed to the wonders of wildlife are better able to understand the need to protect it.  Many of the children of Dingani live just a stone’s throw from Hwange National Park, but have never been privileged enough to enter. With Safari Share, Grow Africa and Hideaways is working to change this. For every trip booked that includes one of the Hideaways lodges a child from Dingani is sponsored to go on a Game Drive in Hwange National Park. 

The first Safari Share took place earlier this year and the excited children were taken out on a guided game drive on an open safari vehicle. They were lucky to see large amounts of elephant, opening their eyes to the wealth and natural beauty that lies right on their doorsteps! Their surprised faces were lit up with smiles at the joy and wonder of spotting these magnificent creatures. They were treated to the full experience of a game drive with guides educating them all about the flora and fauna of the park. It’s another great example of how education can be fun.

We should always remember an African safari is an incredibly rewarding experience where people can experience unspoilt nature and feel a deep connection to the natural world. It, more often than not, opens people’s eyes to the needs of conservation and protecting our precious wildlife and the areas they inhabit, we are proud that we can share this experience with underpriviledged children who otherwise would not have the opportunity.

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