Rhino Massacre at game reserve

We were extremely sad to hear about the latest rhino poaching incident that occurred at the famous Aquila Game Reserve – one of our, Jenman Safaris, popular day trip destinations. Aquila has 6 rhinos and on the weekend 2 were poached; (sadly) one male rhino was killed and 1 is in critical condition and under observation! The other 4, thankfully, were not harmed.

It is believed that the anti-poaching patrols scared them off. Jenman Safaris was there on Monday and this is what we found out:
On Saturday morning  a brutal realization of poaching was yet again reawakened. Aquila’s two male rhinos and a female were attacked, the poachers were rumored to have a machete, a chainsaw and pangas as weapons. The one male rhino has passed away due to the brutality of the attack and the other male fought for his life and is still under observation but seems to be just fine. The female rhino was tranquilized but unharmed because of Aquila’s patrol team.

It is rumored that the poachers climbed over the fence and were fully equipped for their attack. A glove and hooded beige jersey were left behind by the poachers.
When visiting Aquila yesterday you could feel and see that they care greatly for their animals and were very sensitive to the topic.

The owner is offering R100 000 for any information about the poachers.

Rusana Philander
: http://www.thenewage.co.za/26569-1008-53-R100000_reward_for_rhino_tip_offs

The distraught owner of the game reserve in Touws River, where a rhino is fighting for its life after its horn was hacked off, is offering a reward of R100000 to people with information.

According to Searle Derman, the owner of the Aquila Game Reserve, the 10-year-old male rhino was one of the first to be born in the province after 250 years.
“We are battling to keep him alive and he has a tremendous amount of pain. Meanwhile, other wild animals are waiting for his demise to prey on him. This is a horrific experience as he is fighting to stay alive. Earlier this morning he managed to get to his feet.

“My staff and I have not had any sleep since this incident happened. It has brought tears to my eyes. If I knew who the people are who did this, they would be dead by now. There were two attempts before on the rhinos and we have since put more security measures in place,” he said.
The suspects fled with the rhino horn worth R4m. This follows after six rhinos were tranquilised for their horns in the reserve on Satuday. The other four have since recovered.

One of the rhinos died after its horn was hacked off. Specialised police units, including air, dogs, trackers, organised crime, and nature and conservation, are investigating.
A case of rhino poaching was opened for investigation. Anyone with information is requested to contact Crime Stop on  08600 10111.

At the end of the day – rhino poaching is unacceptable and we, at Jenman Safaris, were deeply saddened to hear this news!
If you would like to show your support and visit Aquila Game Reserve please click here to read more about the daytrip. Spend a day exploring Aquila with lunch and a 3 hour game drive from ZAR 1950 pp! The more visitors they have the more they can support their anti-poaching units…

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