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Responsible Travelers

Responsible travelers are more than just tourists. They are curious about the communities and environments that they travel to. Responsible travelers want to make a positive impact so that the areas they visit are better places to live for the people who live there, and in turn better places to visit. Responsible travel is about respect and sustainability.

Read below for some Do’s and Don’ts:

Before you go

Do Learn Basic Phrases:

Learning a few words or simple phrases in the local language is a great way to interact with people during your travels, as well as showing respect for their culture. It is a simple way to put a smile on someone’s face.

Do Some Research:

Do some research on the social, political, and environmental issues faced by the people you are visiting and familiarise yourself with their religious customs, local traditions and sensitivities. Not only will you learn something, you’ll avoid any embarrassing faux pas.

Do Pack Considerately:

Keep packing to a minimum and avoid too many disposable items as these often cannot be recycled. Sometimes, clients would like to bring donations or gifts for the local people they may meet on tour, please see our Pack for Purpose initiative that allows travelers to give responsibly.

On tour

Do Support Local:

Buying souvenirs supports the local economy. While it is sometimes customary and fun to haggle, remember to stop once you have reached a reasonable price. A low price may be at the expense of the vendor. Don’t buy souvenirs that exploit wildlife or threaten endangered species.

Do Photograph Ethically:

Be ethical in the way you approach photography on tour. Always ask permission before taking photographs of people.

Don’t Support Begging:

Please don’t give sweets, toys or money to anyone – especially children. Successful begging discourages children from going to school and gaining the means to get out of poverty. Giving money to beggars also reinforces a culture of helplessness and dependency. If you wish to make donations please visit our PROJECTS page or contact us for to find out how you can make a donation.

Do Leave the Land as You Find It:

One of the joys of travelling is the spectacular variety of wild plants, sea shells and other natural products you will encounter. These should remain in their natural environment – so please don’t pick or remove any.

Do Be Water Conscious:

Be conscious of your water usage, particularly in dry areas consider taking shorter showers.

Don’t Litter:

Remember many African countries do not have adequate litter collection, recycling or waste reduction schemes. The less waste you create, the better. Always dispose of waste in the appropriate manner, never dispose of litter including fruit pips or peel on the ground or out of car windows.

After tour

Do Continue to Support:

Why not consider contributing to projects and organisations that you encountered on tour? Click here to donate to Grow Africa and its initiatives.




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