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Reef Meets Rainforest – Masoala

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Reef Meets Rainforest – Masoala
Covering 2,300 square kilometres of lush rainforest and three marine parks covering a total of 100 square kilometres

Experience the abundant beauty of both land and sea in Madagascar’s largest national park, Masoala National Park, covering 2,300 square kilometres of lush rainforest as well as three marine parks with breathtaking coral reefs covering a total of 100 square kilometres. Crystal clear water, perfect for kayaking, laps onto golden sand beaches that lead to verdant rainforest full of lemurs, and chameleons!

This “land that time forgot” is Madagascar’s largest protected area where guests will find themselves in an amazing paradise of orchids, ferns, palisander trees and wild ginger plants. The region is the last-refuge for the flamboyant red-ruffed lemurs who can be found sunning themselves on the tops of the trees in the morning.  Hundreds of Humpback whales visit the region from July to September and can also be seen breaching and splashing just offshore.

Excellent hiking trails snake through the thick and wild forest, across cooling rivers, some even suitable for swimming but some filled with crocodiles, your guide will let you know what is safe. Keep an eye out for a bright red Tomato Frog hopping along, they are found easily in the pristine primary rainforest, while adorable little tenrecs rustle through the undergrowth on their search for insects. The incredibly rare Madagascar Serpent Eagle is found in healthy numbers here and is often observed soaring through the sky or perched high on a branch, these predatory birds eat lemurs, snakes lizards and frogs. Ten different lemur species call the forest their home and this is the best area to try and catch a glimpse the elusive nocturnal aye-aye with its strange eyes and peculiar habit of knocking on wood.

Hike through the rainforests to experience the wildlife

Superb corals and a vibrant array of colourful fish abound in the marine reserves of Tampolo, Ambodirafia, and Marofototra just offshore. These reserves are among the most interesting marine environments in Madagascar and are fantastic destinations for snorkelling, diving, and kayaking. The waters are exceptionally clear and all you need is a mask to admire the beautiful marine world. Humpback whales come to the Bay of Antongil to breed and calve during July and September but the area is also home to Bottlenose dolphins and Southern Right whales.

Back on dry land, the beautiful beaches that are found along the stunning coastal trail are perfect for swimming and sunbathing, with magnificent rocky coves to explore, and the golden sands are fringed by mangroves and rainforest. In the evening you could have a barbecue party on the beach and forget about all the worries and stresses of the modern world while enjoying your time in absolute paradise.

Enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water off the beaches

This untouched and mostly unvisited area is waiting for you to experience it, don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Travellers can reach this sought-after destination on a Jenman Madagascar Safaris Masoala Adventure package.

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