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Reasons to Visit Madagascar

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Reasons to Visit Madagascar

Reasons to Visit Madagascar – a vibrant and enchanting tropical paradise! It’s the perfect holiday or vacation destination if you love nature, adorable animals, warm beaches, beautiful landscapes, delicious food and incredibly friendly people. We’ve listed a few of our favourite things about this gorgeous island to highlight Madagascar as a holiday or vacation destination!  

Nosy Be Beach

The most popular Madagascar beach holiday or vacation package always includes a trip to Nosy Be, which means “big island”. It has gorgeous turquoise water, incredible coral reefs, paper-white beach sand and lush mangroves.  

Madagascar beaches boast a tropical climate and Nosy Be is well-known for its beauty, warm ocean water, down-to-earth locals, active nightlife and vibrant culture.  

Visit Madagascar

Baobab Avenue Madagascar

You can’t visit Madagascar without experiencing the majestic Baobab Avenue. This natural phenomenon is found just 45 minutes from the town of Morondava. The baobabs form a natural path, lined on both sides and are estimated to be over 800 years old! It’s best to find a travel agency that takes you to the baobabs in Madagascar so that your knowledgeable guide can take you at the perfect time of day to experience its true beauty.  

Visit Madagascar

The Lemurs

Do you like to “move it, move it?” Lemurs are endemic to Madagascar, so you’ll love seeing these adorable creatures in their natural habitat. This is a fantastic Lemur Madagascar Safari Package that will allow you to experience the breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife in the beautiful Andasibe Reserve with an option to also see the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park.  

Visit Madagascar


This city is the heart of beautiful Madagascar. Antananarivo is the capital city of the island and used to serve as the kingdom of the Merina people. It’s a fascinating place to visit, so you might want to book a small group guided tour of Antananarivo and Madagascar highlights.  

The culture; people; markets and cuisine make this enchanting city a must-visit destination on your first trip to the island of Madagascar!

Visit Madagascar

The Marine Life and Fishing in Madagascar

If you enjoy boating, fishing, snorkeling or simply feasting on fresh seafood, then you’ll love Île Sainte Marie for an unforgettable beach or fishing vacation in Madagascar. The Jenman package takes you to the island’s white, sandy beaches with extensive coral reefs. There are thousands of fish species around the island, including the rare Coelacanth. There are also four species of sea turtles that breed on its beaches.  

There are so many wonderful reasons to visit Madagascar either as a couple, in a small group or with your family and children. Get in touch with Jenman African Safaris to book your next dream vacation that you’ll never forget.  

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