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We invite you to take the opportunity and explore the remote South-West of the island and home to the world’s most southern all-year breeding colony of red-tailed tropic-birds, which attracts bird lovers and holidaymakers from all around the world.


Once in Madagascar, take the opportunity and explore the remote southwest of the island. Lake Tsimanampetsostsa National Park and the Sacred Island of Nosy Ve are just two highlights during your journey. The package is a perfect add-on tour to our 1000 Views of Madagascar.

Tour Highlights:

Tsimanampetsotsa National Park – First protected in 1927 for its endemic flora and fauna, it was officially recognised as a national park in 1966.  The park offers several walks of different durations. There are an estimated 88 species of birds of which 35 are endemic to Madagascar, as well as the 4 species of lemurs.

Anakao – A picturesque coastal fishing town on the south-west coast of Madagascar.

Nosy Ve – A flat uninhabited island located off the south-west coast of Madagascar. Several ancient tombs from French settlers can still be found here. It has also served as a hideout for pirates as well as a slave departure port.

Tulear – Apart from several interesting churches, most of Tulear’s remaining buildings are fairly nondescript, as is its setting against a backdrop of mangroves and mudflats. The surrounding Madagascar area, however, offers numerous attractions and Madagascar highlights including good beaches, diving and snorkelling, surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing at Ifaty to the north and Anakao to the south; intriguing topography; interesting flora and fauna; and remote villages.

* The Southern Flamingo Package is also available as a Superior package.


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Southern Flamingo

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