Our Prediction for One of 2020’s Biggest Travel Trends

Travel Trend: Slowing Down

Trend: to slow travel down, be more mindful and seek real experiences.

This trend allows for a deeper connection with the beautiful nature and people of your destination. People are moving away from trying to fit in as many activities as possible and spending large parts of their journey in a vehicle, always heading to the next destination. Travellers have started expressing a need to slow down and have time to ‘breathe in’ the destination they are visiting. They spend longer at destinations and request activities such as walking, boating and cycling. This is a welcome break from their sometimes stressful and fast-paced life back home. After all, how often do we feel that we need a holiday after our holiday? This trend is to move away from that so that travellers arrive home refreshed and inspired.

Slow Travel 2020's Biggest Travel Trend

Guided Safari Walks at private lodges

Exploring the bush on foot gives guests an entirely different experience of the wilderness and its flora and fauna. Expert guides escort guests as they track wildlife through the pristine African bush, offering them the opportunity to see a vast array of smaller details that are often overlooked whilst on a game drive. Walking safaris allow you to touch, breathe and truly immerse yourself in the beauty of what nature has to offer as well as get closer to wildlife, becoming part of the African soil. There’s a frisson of fear and excitement as travellers are quite exposed to the elements, but they need not worry their guides are experts who will always ensure their safety. This kind of experience really stays with travellers long after their holiday has ended. Our Greater Kruger Walking Trek is just this kind of memorable experience. Starting at US$ 1,215.00 per person it’s 5 days of exploration in the Greater Kruger Area.

Slow Travel 2020's Biggest Travel Trend

Staying Longer in One Place

Many guided group safaris will spend only one or two nights at each lodge on their itinerary. But in the trend of slowing travel down, many lodges encourage guests to spend three to five nights at their accommodation, providing incentives like Stay 3, Pay 2 or even Stay 5, Pay 4. This is an opportunity for guests to truly discover all the opportunities and activities that are possible at a lodge and in an area. Guests get to know the area more intimately and almost start to feel at home, fostering a deeper connection. Travellers looking for a tailor-made experience can request these longer stays and speak to one of our safari specialists about how they can spread out their activities to ensure there is ample time to just take it all in. Kamp Kuzuma in Botswana has both a special Pay 2, Stay 3 and a Pay 3, Stay 4 rate that allows guests to take their time and savour the beauty of the area.

Slow Travel 2020's Biggest Travel Trend

Experiential Activities that Move at a Slower Pace

Apart from walking safaris, guests are also able to enjoy Makoro rides, bicycle adventures in the bush, canoe trips and serene sailing adventures. In Victoria Falls, guests can experience the peace and beauty of the Zambezi River on a traditional handcrafted East African dhow, Zambezi Truth. An intimate and serene dhow journey that starts at US$ 95 in the low season and is priced from US$ 120 in the high season. These dhows take guests back to an ancient form of travel, one that has deep roots on the East African coast. Handmade by local artisans in Dar Es Salaam using traditional methods, guests on the dhows feel the wind powering the sails, assist the captain with tying a rope or pass a drink along to their fellow traveller. Guests recline on soft cushions while taking in the sights and sounds of the river while listening to its stories. It’s serene relaxation that’s incredibly satisfying for the soul. This is a new experience in Victoria Falls answering specifically to the trend of slowing travel down.