Paternoster – The ultimate fisherman’s dorpie (town)!

Paternoster a fisherman’s dorpie

My boyfriend and I decided that we needed to do something special for this Valentine’s Day. The answer came in the form of a small town on the West Coast of South Africa – Paternoster! Situated 15 km from Vredenburg, Paternoster is the ideal place for some relaxation and some rest… which is exactly what we were looking for.

Paternoster: The local community of Paternoster predominately survives on fishing which they sell daily… yum!

A favourite sold by the locals are mussels… and plenty of them! Such a favourite, that each person constantly tries to convince you that their bag of fresh mussels are better than the next! No harm in trying as many mussels as you can… they were all, honestly, equally as good as everyone else’s!


Accommodation and Cocktails: The Paternoster Hotel offers a lot of seafood dishes and yummy cocktails. I really enjoyed the “Blue Monday” cocktail and I highly recommend the Coconut flavoured drink to anyone (can’t remember that cocktails name!). There are various types of accommodation available from B&B’s, Guest Houses to Self catering accommodation. We stayed in the “Seekat 1” which was a self catering unit. It was about 200m from the beach and had a lovely indoor fireplace; perfect to create that romantic mood needed for Valentine’s Day. The self catering units available are all very modern, from the decoration to the appliances and are ideally equipped for a restful beach holiday. Activities in the area include horseback riding and kite surfing.

Our weekend turned out to be such a highlight that we decided that we would definitely return for a follow-up Valentine’s weekend!

Antoinette, Jenman Safaris HR Manager


Paternoster - The ultimate fisherman’s dorpie (town)! 9 Paternoster - The ultimate fisherman’s dorpie (town)! 10 Paternoster - The ultimate fisherman’s dorpie (town)! 11Paternoster - The ultimate fisherman’s dorpie (town)! 12 Delicious

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