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Grow Africa divides its focus among 3 main projects, each with their own sub-projects in order to most effectively instigate change.

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Our Projects 5Rosmead 

Rosmead Primary School has over 700 pupils with the majority of children commuting daily from townships. Due to parents’ limited incomes, school fees are low and do not cover the school’s operational costs. This means that the things that most schools take for granted are not provided for. Grow Africa with the support of Jenman African Safaris is dedicated to filling these gaps. Learn more…

Our Projects 7The Big Five Club

An initiative where Jenman volunteers visit the school to play with and read to the children, encouraging the use of English which is not the first language of most of the students. As extracurricular activities, the children are taken on educational hikes and various social events are organised that have a focus on responsible tourism and community involvement.

Our Projects 9Facilities & Maintenance Projects

Grow Africa runs ongoing maintenance and betterment projects at the school such as the building of a sand pit for the children to play, maintenance of classrooms and play areas… Our next project is greening the play area. Click here if you would like to contribute. Learn more…


Our Projects 11Dingani Primary School

Located in the small town of Dete, close to Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, Dingani Primary has over 300 pupils between the ages of 4 and 12 years old.  The school is in dire need of equipment and maintenance and the children often lack for the simplest basics that we would take for granted. Learn more

Our Projects 13 Pack for a Purpose

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, a global initiative that provides guidelines for travelers who would like to make a positive contribution on their trip. Our clients receive a Pack for a Purpose list before they leave on their holiday which explains what needed items they can bring for Dingani Primary School in their luggage. Learn more…

Our Projects 15Project Penya

Every day, thousands of teenage girls in rural Africa miss out on their education due to the humiliation and stigma related to menstruation, simply because they do not have access to basics such as sanitary pads.  We have launched an ongoing initiative to provide all Grade 6 school girls with a set of  Subz Pads (washable sanitary pads and panties) to provide them with a sustainable solution to menstruation.  Click here if you would like to contribute or learn more…

Our Projects 17Safari Share

Children who are exposed to the wonders of wildlife are better able to understand the need to protect it.  Many of the children of Dingani live just a stone’s throw from Hwange National Park, but have never been privileged enough to enter. With Safari Share, Grow Africa and Hideaways is working to change this. For every trip booked that includes one of the Hideaways lodges, a child from Dingani is sponsored to go on a Game Drive in Hwange National Park. Learn more

Our Projects 19Conservation & Wildlife Fund

The Conservation & Wildlife Fund is a collaborative group of concerned and passionate Conservationists working together with local stakeholders to ensure the long-term protection of Zimbabwe’s wildlife and habitats. Garth Jenman and Katja Quasdorf of Jenman African Safaris are founding members of the fund and it is an integral part of our responsible tourism policy. Learn more…

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