Our Clients love our Safari Vehicles…

Safari VehiclesWe couldn’t resist showing you this picture of one of our clients hugging our safari vehicle! Why is he hugging it you may ask…? Well, it’s because all our vehicles are brilliantly designed and maintained with our own exceptionally high standards – meaning that you are guaranteed to have a ‘true’ safari experience in one of our 4×4 land cruisers! And judging from this picture our client was having the time of his life!

We have many clients sign up on a African Safari tour and ‘pray’ that the tour that they signed up for uses one of our 4×4’s… Clearly there is more to our vehicles then meets the eye. We have a variety of Vehicles that we use – but, our 4×4 Land Cruisers are the ones on demand!

We can also vouch for the fact that our tour guides love driving them, they all get this excited look on their face (like a child at Christmas) when they find out that they will be taking one of the 4×4’s on one of their tours… which is why we have decided to ‘share’ the vehicle experience with all of you out there that would like to try it over the holiday season on our holiday season special!

Love our vehicles as much as this client? Want to experience one of our vehicles? Want to travel around Africa on a 4×4?

We have the perfect option for you… HOLIDAY SEASON CAR RENTAL WITH DRIVER SPECIAL! This is a totally new venture; we have never done this or offered this before.

Our Clients love our Safari Vehicles... 8 Our Clients love our Safari Vehicles... 9 Our Clients love our Safari Vehicles... 10

Jenman African Safaris hires out their custom-built land cruisers including a driver for only R980 per day – applies to the dates between the 1st of November 2008 and the 30th of April 2009… INCLUDING CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR! Don’t worry about drinking and driving! Pack the whole family or group of friends in our 10-seater vehicles and sit back and relax.

Since we have never offered this before – what are you waiting for? This is the perfect way to enjoy your holiday season with your friends and family while you travel around on an adventure of a life-time!

For more information or to book email – info@jenmansafaris.com

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