The fight against rhino poaching is taken to the next level with Drones

If you spend some time at Ol Pejeta Wildlife Sanctuary on the slopes of Mt Kenya you may see a strange flying object overhead. Don’t be alarmed, it’s just Aerial RangerTM, an automated air craft monitoring the 90 000 hectare grounds for poaching.

A Aerial RangerTM hovering over rhino’s in the field

Image: Mock-up of Aerial RangerTM

The Sanctuary have agreed to pay the exuberant amounts of money for a drone created by Airware Incorporated, which is completely unmanned and uses various tools to track poachers within the area. According to Elodie Sampere, head of Marketing at Ol Pejeta, $220 per hour were spent renting manned air crafts to fly over the land running a census. The flights were 13 hours long and filled with human error.

With Aerial RangerTM, error is kept to a minimum and footage of the sanctuary can be constantly reviewed.  Through thermal vision and state of the art camera’s, not only can animals be seen no matter where they are, but violent offenders can be captured. Through real time feeds, Aerial RangerTM will let rangers on the ground know where poachers are and with live footage with geo co-ordinates allow rangers to respond appropriately.

Poacher beware, this drone could spark a revolution and is extremely difficult to avoid. Reports from Airwave show that even when communication to the drone is cut off, the drone still makes its way home automatically. With this drone, way may see a dramatic fall in poaching throughout the Ol Pejeta Wildlife sanctuary and in time, Africa.

Click here to view an interview with Airware founder and CEO Jonathan Downey regarding Aerial RangerTM

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