NEW 9-seater vehicle for Jenman East Africa – offering the best views on safari


Jenman East Africa has added yet another fantastic vehicle to their fleet recently… a custom-built 9-seater Land Cruiser offering 9 window seats for all of the clients!

This is a first for Jenman East Africa where traditionally not all clients on safari had the fantastic opportunity of a window seat every day while on the road (but still had a good view on safari)!

This new vehicle was built to ensure that all clients have optimal game viewing, comfortable seats and great leg room while travelling around Tanzania and Kenya!

It follows the design of our popular custom built 10-seater Land Cruiser, though it boasts a longer base giving the inside more space while the outside looks extremely similar to our trusted design.This new Land Cruiser includes our standard highlights such as; roof rack for luggage, fridge inside to keep drinks cool while on safari, drop down stairs for easy access, fully air-conditioned, pop up roofs for exceptional game viewing, safety features and much more!

If you would like to see whether or not your favourite tour will be making use of this vehicle, please email to find out more.

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