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Nairobi is also the most convenient points of entry into Kenya by flight. In most cases when you are embarking … Read more

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Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya National Park was declared a UNESCO protected reserve in 1978 and in 1997 it became a World Heritage … Read more

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The coastal city of Mombasa is actually an island, which measures just over 14 sq km – less than five … Read more

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Lamu appears to be a region almost frozen in time. The physical appearance and the character of the town have … Read more

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Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru is named after the Maasai word that means “Dusty or Dusty Place” which some believe refers to the … Read more

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Lake Bogori National Reserve

Lake Bogoria is an alkaline lake located within a volcanic basin in Kenya. It comprises of geysers and hot springs … Read more

Bufallo Springs landscape

Buffalo Springs

This protected reserve was opened to visitors in 1985 and covers a massive area of 131km2. The Buffalo Springs Reserve … Read more

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Amboseli National Park

Many Kenya safaris include Amboseli National Park as a highlight because it’s a beautiful area and the views of Mount … Read more

Simien Mountains

Simien Mountains

The park is made up of a rocky massif, which slopes down to grasslands – the massif is cut by … Read more

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Rift Valley Lakes

Lakes Lagano, Abiata and Shala are perhaps the most popular of the seven – one lake is blue, one is … Read more

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History & Background: Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Sub Saharan Africa. The earliest evidence of Ethiopian history was … Read more

Blue Nil Falls

Bahar Dar

Lake Tana is scattered with islands, many of which are home to monasteries. Some of these monasteries were built as … Read more

People Outside the church

Addis Ababa

The city’s Ethnographic Museum is an ideal place to start learning about Ethiopia’s rich ethnic diversity. It has an impressive … Read more

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The Final Frontier

Angola Attractions and Highlights: Our list of reasons to visit Angola!Angola is a stunning country offering a truly unique and … Read more

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The Portuguese first arrived in the area of Namibe in 1485, when the region was named Mocamedes, and it was … Read more



Lubango appears to be relatively unaffected by the 40-year conflict that ravaged many other communities in Angola and has maintained … Read more

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Leba Mountain Pass

Driving across the forested mountains and over the Leba Pass, numerous waterfalls can be seen lining the zigzagging route. The … Read more

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Lake Arco

The views around The Arco inland lake are absolutely stunning. In the area around the Arco, the local Kimbundu people … Read more


Iona National Park

There are three contiguous protected areas: Iona National Park, the Skeleton Coast Park and the Namib-Naukluft National Park (the latter … Read more

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Foz do Cunene

The lush vegetation that surrounds Foz do Cunene, where the river bisects the desert before entering the sea, provides a … Read more

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Flamingo Camp

Flamingo Camp is in the middle of 70 km of uninhabited coast, which supports virtually untouched fish populations, and its … Read more

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Dorsland Trekkers

The Dorsland Trek is one of the most unique routes in Southern Africa. Historically and scenically, it has a lot … Read more

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Baia Dos Tigres

The Ilha dos Tigres of Angola is the only sandy island off the coast of the 2 000km-long Namib Desert … Read more

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Windhoek is a semi-climatic region with most days in the year being very warm, making it an idyllic stopover whilst … Read more

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Waterberg Plateau Park

It’s for this reason that we provide a range of Namibia safari packages that include a visit to the Waterberg … Read more

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This historic area is rich with authentic bushmen sketches that took over 2000 years to create, making it an incredibly … Read more

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The name Swakopmund is derived from the German language meaning ‘mouth of water’. The Nama people previously named this area … Read more

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Tuli Block Reserve

Tuli, which derives its name from a river in Zimbabwe, has a rather interesting frontier history because of its strategic … Read more

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Tsodilo Hills

Tsodilo Hills derived its name from the Hambukushu word ‘Soriles” which means sheer. These hills contain many historic Bushmen (San) … Read more

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Susuwe Triangle

The Susuwe Triangle is a triangle of land situated between the Kwando River and the Bwabwata National Park. Due to … Read more

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