My experience with Jenman Safaris… specifically with Ishmael in Zimbabwe!

Ishmeal sitting on top of the vehicle

Feedback from Cindy Park, Canada:

Four months have passed since I left my travels in Africa yet as I continue to meet with strangers, friends, and colleagues it is through my anecdotes that I still find myself living vicariously through my impressive memories of Zimbabwe and the touching tour experience received.

Of course, with tailored studies and experience under one’s belt, one can undoubtedly attain the right to be a proper tour guide but Ishmael stands out because he is just so unbelievably sincere in his approach and appreciation to embrace the importance in being a true Ambassador of his country and Jenman Safaris. I realize that what Ishmael did so differently from any other guide is that he treated us like a family member, not like a tourist.

Ishmeal the tour guide

Typically most guides are bored, indifferent to the experience, in a rush, distracted by personal details in their lives, burnt out, and most only become nice near the end of the tour when the gratuity is given. Not Ishmael. From the moment I pointed to my name written on a piece of paper he was holding at the airport, it was as if Ishmael was picking up a family member he hadn’t seen in a long time. I smile in awe when I remember how Ishmael took the time to role play with us to give us extra pointers on how to bargain on prices in the public market places; which really helped me score two really nice hand carved bowls which are a testament to his assistance. I also respect that Ishmael is very knowledgeable about the world. It was impressive to actually sit down and talk to him about world politics and economic situations across the continents because this reflects his on-going objective to be open to world around him. I can literally go on and on with examples galore of Ishmael’s distinguished and unprecedented customer service.

It is with my utmost and highest recommendation that other guides/drivers learn from Ishmael and it wouldn’t surprise me if Ishmael is already the very shining example of what a tour guide is for Jenman Safaris. You can’t create or duplicate sincerity, personality, and passion. You either have these traits or you don’t. Jenman Safaris is outstandingly lucky to have Ishmael as a tour leader.

I look forward to being re-acquainted with Jenman and Ishmael in the future and rest assure my accolades for Jenman Safaris are reflected in my stories time and time again.

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