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Meet Norbert, The Guide Whose Totem is an Elephant

Meet Norbert, The Guide Whose Totem is an Elephant

Allow us to introduce Norbert who has been a guide since 1999, and has been guiding for Jenman Africa Safaris since mid-2016. Guests are especially impressed with his cooking skills remarking that “he should be on MasterChef with what he can create on the bonnet of a 4×4 safari truck! I’m going home to diet!!” They were equally impressed with his tracking skills and that special guide’s ability to spot an animal or bird in the distance that the guests would not have seen if it wasn’t pointed out to them. Read below to find out more about him and why he has a special connection with elephants.

JAS: Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?
N: Definitely the Spitzkoppe Cave Paintings in Namibia.

JAS: What do you usually do when you when you have time off?
N: I love reading when I have time off, I read novels (mainly by John Grisham) and anything to do with wildlife.

JAS: What was the best compliment you’ve received?
N: The best compliment I have received was a heartfelt “thank you very much” after I turned a negative situation into a positive one.


JAS: What have you learned from your travels through Africa?
N: I have learnt that throughout Africa our African traditions and cultures in many ways link to merge together if we come from a Bantu speaking people. Often our marriages, greetings, and funerals are handled similarly.

JAS: What is something you will NEVER do again?
N: I would NEVER lie to my guests especially when they ask me questions if there are things I don’t know I will find out and get back to them

JAS: What is something you hope your guests remember or “take away” from their trip in Africa?
N: I hope my guests remember meeting people of different cultures, with different lifestyles and customs, as well as seeing wild animals in their natural habitat.


JAS: Why do you think conservation is important?
N: As the population is increasing and there is less land for space and resources for everyone, we need to conserve and preserve our resources for the future generation, this includes our flora and fauna.

JAS: How do you make guests aware of conservation?
N: I make guests aware of conservation by exercising and preaching good judgment in the areas we visit and that we are careful not to pollute them to an extent that they will be non-existent in the near future. I also engage the guests in conservation talks.

JAS: What animal best represents you, and why?
N: The Elephant best represents me cause am from a Ndlovu clan by totem, Ndlovu means elephant. I and my clan are somehow linked to these giants of the jungle and we treat them as part of our family.

JAS: If you had to choose only 3 adjectives to describe yourself, which would you choose?
N: Three adjectives to describe me are inquisitive, tolerant, and patient.


JAS: If you could take only three items with you on a safari, what would they be?
N: Water, a Leatherman, and referral books.

JAS: Can you describe a typical day in your life while you are on tour?
N: My typical day on tour would be preparing my guests for the new day by informing them of our game plan for the day, sharing the information I know about Africa and giving them time to relax at the end of the tiring day.

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