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Madagascar Questions Answered

Madagascar Questions Answered

For those travelling to Madagascar or for those that have just returned – the excitement takes over and all you dream about is exploring the beauty or relaxing on the beaches and unwinding… Don’t you? Sometimes the excitement might make you forget to ask some very important questions – which is why we answered some important questions below!

What time zone is Madagascar?
Madagascar is GMT +2 (summer) / GMT + 3 (winter)…

Tell me more about the weather and seasons in Madagascar?
There are only two seasons in Madagascar: dry season and wet season. The wet season lasts in most areas for about 5 months (from December to April). In the eastern part of Madagascar, it rains quite often all year long, whereas it rarely rains in western Madagascar. On the central parts of Madagascar, winter nights are so cold that the temperature may go down to +5°C. It may even go down to around freezing point in Antsirabe. Please bring warm clothes if you travel to Madagascar between May and September. From November till March, it is hot in southern and western Madagascar. The temperature in the coastal regions is generally higher than that in inland Antananarivo.

Can I charge my camera there?
Yes at most places you can… In Madagascar, the two-pronged plug and the European standard socket are the most used with a tension of 220 volts (but it may go down to 170 volts in some areas at peak times). Films, battery and photography kits are expensive in Madagascar and specific films like APS or slide films are very rare. We recommend that you buy them in your own country.

Do the Malagasy understand English?
A lot of areas and people can understand basic English however, the two main languages spoken in Madagascar are French and the native language Malagasy.

What should I pack?
During wintertime, warm clothes and windbreakers are recommended, especially in the Highlands, whereas light clothes made of cotton are needed all year long in western Madagascar and during the hot season. You should always bring raincoats when visiting the humid eastern part of Madagascar and its rainforests.

And shoes?
Light mountain boots are recommended when visiting national parks, especially rainforest parks. Waterproof sandals are recommended for beaches. In other places, you can wear almost any shoes.

What money does Madagascar accept and use?
Ariary (AR) is now the local currency being used in Madagascar, in place of Franc Malgache (FMG). Many people still refer to the Franc Malagasy (FMG) when selling or buying something, as they are used to it, but all payment must be done in Ariary (1 AR = 5 FMG). Upon arrival, it is recommended to change money at airport banks. They are always open at each international flight arrival and their rates are similar to the rates of the banks in town. Please note that only EUR, USD & GBP can be exchanged.

Any helpful tips?
Please make sure that you have put your passport, air tickets, money and credit card and all the other travel documents in your hand luggage or carry it on at all times when flying. Also, do not forget to bring a torch for nocturnal visits to parks and for any electricity failures.

For additional information and to read up on more travel trips to aid you in planning your Madagascar vacation and to leave you better equipped to enjoy your Madagascar vacation with us and with the local Malagasy people please click here

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