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Life as an Intern at JENMAN Safaris

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Life as an Intern at JENMAN Safaris

Sunny weather, the sound of the workshop team working on the JENMAN safari vehicles, the smell of coffee in the kitchen and friendly people welcoming me into the office, that’s how my first day and life as an intern at JENMAN African Safaris for the next six months started. Without even realizing it now, 3 months have already flown by and half of my internship is already over. Time goes by when you are learning so much and exploring this wonderful city of Cape Town.

I am really happy about having been offered to be a part of the Marketing & Product team at Jenman Safaris and to have the possibility to spend 6 months in such a stunning city which has allowed me to mix work and travel, allowing me to visit places such as Cedeberg, Knysna and other amazing Cape Town Daytrips on the weekends.

From the very first day, I felt like a part of the team and was welcomed warmly by my colleagues who are always keen to help me learn and explain my tasks to me and offer support and training. I arrived in the Jenman peak season, so it was quite busy in the office and everybody had a lot of work to manage but, my questions were always welcomed and my colleagues always patient and helpful. I was really surprised about that calm atmosphere even when people had a lot of stress at the busiest time of the year.

The commitment and teamwork ethic at Jenman is fantastic as I remember one day, it was a Friday and we were really busy trying to meet out deadline to finish our 2015 itineraries and it was a lot more work than expected so we decided to stay longer. With time passing so quickly and everybody looking forward to the weekend, we realized the work was a lot individually and decided to team up and divide our tasks to work more efficiently and I was surprised by our good teamwork. It was 9 o’clock in the evening when we left the office, all happy that we finally managed to meet our deadline. So in true Jenman spirit we decided to celebrate as a team and go out for dinner and a drink all together to reward ourselves. It was a really funny evening as of course we ended up having a lot of fun chatting and discussing our amazing day at the office.

Half of my time at JENMAN is over now and in less than 3 months I have to go back to Germany but so far I don’t want to think about that. Till then, there is a bit more work waiting for me at JENMAN and amazing weekends ahead. I really enjoy my internship and appreciate it. It is a great experience working in a different country, together with people from all over the world and being part of such a nice team… thank you JENMAN!