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The recent fires in Knysna were incredibly devastating to hear about as reports came in of uncontrollable flare-ups, evacuations, and unfortunately tragic loss of life. People of South Africa and even the rest of the world watched with dismay as the fires kept spreading in a place that they had so many cherished holiday memories of. Firefighters fought long and hard and eventually managed to contain the blaze, while citizens, NGOs, and businesses dug deep to assist the local people of Knysna. The way people came together to help those in need was absolutely amazing and a real testament to the spirit of mankind.

Now it’s your turn. The best way to help the towns of Knysna and Plett get back on their feet is to continue to visit and spend money in the shops, restaurants and tourist attractions. Elmay Bouwer, Chairperson of the Knysna Tourism Board, says “We would like tourists to know that it is safe to visit Knysna, and that almost all tourist activities are fully operational”.  The popular Knysna Waterfront was completely unaffected by the fires and the animal sanctuaries between Plett and Knysna including Birds of Eden, Monkeyland, and Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre are fully operational.

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While some accommodations, unfortunately, did not survive the fire, Knysna still has many options available and you will definitely be accommodated just check with your tour organizer first.

When disasters like this strike it’s important to look at sustainable ways to bring about recovery, the current message being sent by NGOs and government is for tourists in the Garden Route to continue supporting the tourist industry to help the towns return to normal. The South African Minister for Economic Opportunities, Alan Winde, wants us all to know “Knysna is open for business”.

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As a responsible and sustainable tourism operator, Jenman African Safaris always supports local businesses and initiatives which is why we are encouraging our clients to visit the Garden Route and show it some love in the form of visiting, eating out, shopping, and taking part in the many adventure activities on offer. Every cent spent makes its way to a locally owned business which means visitors are directly contributing to the relief effort. Why not even Pack for a Purpose?

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The Garden Route is an amazing holiday destination with stunning forests and beaches, delectable cuisine and a host of adventure activities. Every year tourists return to the Garden Route towns to create happy holiday memories in one of the most beautiful places on earth, once you are there you will realize why. If you would like to see it for yourself and contribute to growth and rejuvenation in the area speak to us about our World in One Country and Wonders of the Garden Route tours.

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