Kayaking in Hermanus with the whales

Whale watchingI am an intern for Jenman Safaris and I decided that it was about time to go on a little tour! I went with a group of 20 travellers to Hermanus for a whale-watching trip… We departed on Friday evening and spent the night in Kleinmond which is quite close to Hermanus (as we had to leave early the next morning). After an awesome braai that evening we went to bed early to make sure that we would be ready for the following day.
On Saturday morning we got up early and enjoyed our coffee on the balcony of the guest house while watching some whales in the distance. After a lovely breakfast we headed off to Hermanus for our whale-watching kayaking trip. We had organised our kayak hire prior… All of the girls were allowed to share a kayak but the boys were supposed to paddle on their own. An experienced guide then explained all of the risks to us and told us that it can be very dangerous to paddle on the ‘open water’ because a whale could easily dive under our kayaks and knock them over!

After 15 minutes of paddling we could see the first whale in the distance. 5 minutes later we heard a strange noise coming from about 15 metres behind us. We turned around to see what the noise was and where it was coming from… and saw a huge whale directly behind us! The noise was actually the whale breathing!

After that amazing whale watching and kayaking experience we went back to Kleinmond to spend our last evening at a nice local pub. On the Sunday we drove back to Cape Town and enjoyed a nice scenic drive; stunning views over the beautiful sea and beaches of Cape Town.

If you are interested in an experience like this – email us (info@jenmansafaris.com) and one of our consultants will get back to you with the best adventure ideas for you.

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