Kayaking and a wedding… Haja in Madagascar!

Beach in Madagascar

I was really looking forward to heading back to “my one and only”, my beautiful island of Madagascar… I went there for business and for my brother’s wedding… it was lovely to see my family again after 10 months away! My brother and I had lots to catch up on and I was thrilled to meet my sister in law for the first time: she is so lovely and sweet… I know that she is the perfect match for my brother!

Madagascar Barefoot Luxury Kayak Adventure

Before I got involved in the wedding preparation I was in Antananarivo for 2 days doing a marketing trip – it was my first marketing trip and I was so proud that it took place in my home country! This trip was the trip that I introduced our Madagascar Barefoot Luxury Kayak Adventure package to Madagascar through presentations and meetings! It is an 11-day package including 2 nights Antananarivo, 3 nights Bush Camping and 4 nights at Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge. All of the people that I visited where extremely interested in this product as it’s so unique and different! So, watch out Madagascar, the kayak barefoot luxury Madagascar adventure is about to take over. Thank you to everyone that showed interest in this…

Cocktails at the pool

My brother and his then soon to be wife had a typical Malagasy wedding which included a vodiondry which is getting married before the magistrate court followed by a church ceremony, this ended with a wedding reception. Vodiondry is a Malagasy custom when the groom and his family ask the bride’s family for her hand in marriage… The groom can be represented by an “Mpikabary” or spokesman; this person is the one that does the speech from the groom to convince bride’s family to join the groom and his family in marriage. This speech and request can take between 1 to 2 hours. The groom usually has to bring a gift to the family – it depends on each tribe… it can be cow, sheep, land, house, money… Once the deal is concluded, the groom hands a ring to the bride to make their relationship official!

After the vodiondry, we then headed to the magistrate court to finalise their commitment on behalf of the magistrate, this was followed by a reception hosted by the bride’s family. After the reception we went home because they (my brother and future sister in law) were not allowed to see each other until the church ceremony. A few days later we went to the bride’s family home to collect the bride before both families headed to the church. Generally the groom’s church hosts the ceremony as the bride now must follow the religion of the groom.

A week later the new couple went back to the church to be congratulated by the pastor who presented them with a bible as a gift in front of the congregation. After the church service the couple hosted the two families together and thanked everybody for attending the wedding!

Sunset in Madagascar

What an amazing trip with marketing and a wedding combined in one. I’m looking forward to my next marketing trip because I’m always keen for new challenges and ready to start a new adventure.





– Haja (French Marketing Representative, Jenman African Safaris)

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