Jenman Vehicle & Coach Builders harness young talent

Jenman Vehicle & Coach Builders harness young talent

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Internship at Jenman Vehicle and Builds

Jenman Vehicle & Coach Builders are always keen to harness young talent and when it came to two young interns, they definitely saw potential. For some time now, Jenman Vehicle & Coach Builders have been assisting Jenman Safaris in the maintenance, repair and modification of their fleet of specialist safari vehicles which are deployed in various regions of Africa helping make peoples’ dreams come true albeit in a functional and safe manner.

This important aspect is recognised by those ‘at the coal face’ in the workshop back in deepest Cape Town and each vehicle is afforded due the care and effort to keep them fit for purpose.

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A group sitting on top of the vehicle

The related engineering activities interested two young individuals and they were employed as interns in the vehicle build side of the company. An individual training program was constructed for each of the interns and they embarked on a journey learning the theory and practical skills involved with being a coach builder.

Under the watchful eye and supervision of highly experienced tradesmen, they completed various tasks eventually quantifying their learning in the areas of safety, tooling, preparation and finishing techniques. Working alongside such experienced tradesmen allowed the youngsters to absorb not only theory and methods used but also the manner in which to conduct oneself in a professional engineering environment.

jenman vehicle
Jenman Landcruiser

It must be said that both interns performed admirably in all aspects often volunteering to complete extra work which impressed the management and displayed the commitment to teamwork and solidarity found in close knit working teams. At the end of the intern period, both interns were awarded a certificate detailing the tasks carried out as part of the internship which could be used in the future when pursuing their career goals. The certificates were presented by Mr Garth Jenman (Managing Director of Jenman Vehicle & Coach Builders) in front of all employees to much rejoice. All staff at Jenman Vehicle & Coach Builders would like to wish Jusuf Meyer and Glaise Mougani all the best on whichever career path they pursue.

If you are interested in an internship in vehicle and coach building you should forward a letter of interest via email to

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