Jenman Tigers Rooooaaaar themselves to victory!

Only 4 weeks into our Jenman team thing, we continue to astound ourselves by thrashing our opponents.  Last week we won 27-7, after a looong wait for a late late game. Here’s how it happened…………….

Since the game was only at 20h50, we all made the joint decision not to work in the office until it was time to play (look, we love our jobs, but felt it important to rest the brain cells, ready for a tactical game… ) Instead, we went home to our families, pets & partners.  I went to Candice & Laurinas house to stuff myself silly on pasta (good learn their girls, don’t do this!) We all arrived in dribs & drabs to the venue, & nervously awaited the arrival of all our team (in case someone had fallen asleep in-front of Top Billing).

It was my first time there, & I was hugely surprised by the amount of people coming to play netball. I was also a little intimidated – it was 15 years since I last played, & the girls/ladies on court were gooooood – AND rough.  And because lots of teams had their own uniform/netball kit (all matching & looking very professional), they looked even better.

On we climbed to the court, followed by a nail inspection (don’t laugh, nails are a useful defense!)  I was told to wear a really cif glove, which was still damp from the last use – bleeugh. The whistle blows, Candice throws, passes, and IN IT GOES!!!!!!! Yup – & that’s pretty much what happened the whole game.  We seemed to make a formidable team & without even talking about tactics, the ball passed up the attack line quite nicely, made its way to Elana & the ball drifted effortlessly into the net.

Look, I mean there was some serious scrabbling around – we had a toss up, where Margot managed to swipe the ball away into the ref’s face (quickly dodged I might add), Katja got hit in the head with a ball (there’s always one, isn’t there), I did some strange judo falls, (I was just so excited to be playing, my feet couldn’t keep up with where I wanted to be).  Candice must have had some fury to take out on her roomy, because she shoved Laurina over where she promptly got trampled, and Lisa got kicked. Oh, the other team didn’t come out that well either – my opponent playing GD, fell & twisted her ankle quite badly.

The Jenman defence didn’t have too much of an exciting time – Laurina & Lisa swapped at halftime because Lisa’s feet were going numb with lack of movement.  The ball definitely made it’s way to them, but they must have been doing a good job because it kept coming back to Elana again, which I guess is the point of the game.  So, well-done defence (sorry – I was so busy running around like an idiot, I didn’t notice much on the opposite side of the court).

Star of the show was definitely Elana, who claimed before we started that she was not that great at shooting.  Well trust me –the next time Elana tells you something, just believe the opposite – ok?  Almost every ball she touched flew into the net effortlessly.  We think she has been secretly practising in the dead of night.

The line-up was as follows:

Shooter – Elana
Goal Attack – Becks
Wing Attack – Margot
Centre – Candice
Goal Defense – Lisa/Laurina
Wing Defense – Katja
Goal Keeper –Laurina/Lisa
Supporter – Mark!!!

Once again, I remind you – TWENTY SEVEN – SEVEN.

– By Becks.

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