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Not too long ago Jenman Safaris hosted a braai for all of our safari guides (and staff). The Jenman Safaris office was converted into a great social area for the event – our back garden was filled with chairs, snacks, loud voices, laughter and (of course!) the braai! The turnout was great; potential guides, current guides, the operations team, sales staff, marketing staff, accounts team… in fact there were only a few people missing from this event this year.

It was a great opportunity to meet all of the Jenman Safaris guides and get to know a little but more about them and what they do… for instance: what their favourite countries are, what there special interests are and what there best safari meal to cook is (steaks, stews and even bread where some of the favourites!).

The guides all had amazing experiences and hilarious stories to share with us. I was interested to learn that most of the guides had attended an astronomy course earlier that week (on our guide training course) where they learnt how to navigate with the stars. One of the guides, a real charmer, decided that he could see my future in the stars….even though it was still light outside!

The guides even taught me how to make pap – a traditional porridge made from ground maize. However, my ‘pap’ became soooo thick that the spoon I was using snapped in half! I guess cooking isn’t one of my strengths…. Can’t wait for the next guide braai, maybe I’ll be able to try and cook something new…

We all had a great time – thanks to the Operations Team for organizing such a great event!

Written by: Sarah

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