Jenman Safaris “Grow Africa” Program takes off!

Saturday November 19th – it was one of the hottest days of the season so far, but the Jenman African Safaris team braved the heat to take 22 learners from Lourier Primary school on a hike through Silvermine up to Elephant’s Eye. The hike had been planned for three months in advance, to make sure we had one of our larger vehicles available (all of which are normally on tours right now) …

We were all hoping for good weather, so despite the blistering heat, we were happy the day was sunny and clear. The day before the hike, several staff members joined together at the Jenman office in Claremont to prepare 50 sandwiches for the kids, teachers, and staff members going on the hike, all of which totalled 48.

It was a large group to take up the mountain, and the cave at the top was full of people. We stopped to take a break and enjoy the beautiful views of the city before heading down for a picnic by the dam. A few of us swam and everyone ate sandwiches, chips, popcorn and carrot sticks. We all enjoyed some Sunrise cocktail (supplied to us by Steve at ‘House of Juice’ in Claremont) and ended the day with the drive back to Retreat, dropping the kids back home.

Altogether it was a great day, and the kids seemed to really enjoy it.

This hike is the first in what will become a regular occurrence for us at Jenman African Safaris, as part of our “Grow Africa” outreach program. Given the vast levels of poverty and social needs of so many kids in our community, we have decided to use our resources to provide fun, educational, and memorable outings for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our Grow Africa day-trips will be guided by our experienced field guides, with food, supplies, equipment and park fees, all funded by us. We want to show the kids the beauty of nature, and to teach them the importance of maintaining it for years to come. Our guides will discuss environmental issues that impact the growth of indigenous plant-life, and how we all play a part in preserving it.

Our goal is to provide these children with a special outdoor experience with a focus on environmental care and sustainability, as well as a positive day of fun and learning that they will not forget. All of the kids who come on our Grow Africa day trips will have had little or no previous access to this kind of experience before. They will be chosen from one of our local township schools, and by teachers who deem them eligible. We strongly encourage teacher-and-parent participation!

As this project is newly off the ground, we would like to hear from you!! Any suggestions are welcome! Please contact us under or visit our Website for more information. If you are interested in our Grow Africa Project, please click here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

-Sandra, Jenman Safaris

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