Madagascar workshop

Jenman Safaris first Madagascar Workshop!

Madagascar workshop
Madagascar workshop – Jenman Safaris

24 February 2010 will go down as a great day in our books. You will ask yourself “Why’s that? What’s so special about that particular day?”

Well, that’s the day on which we hosted our very first workshop right here at No 7 Lancaster Road. In conjunction with The Madagascar Consulate, Air Madagascar, Legacy Hotels and an awesome team we pulled off a hugely successful Madagascar workshop. No mean feat, as agents are constantly inundated with invitations to attend presentations, workshops, etc. etc…
From affordable beach packages to exciting Kayaking Trips and Robinson Crusoe type Fishing Tours it was all there, presented by the experts. Nothing like getting it straight from the horses mouth! The aim: to equip agents with the skills and tools to sell this unique and diverse destination. Did we achieve this aim? According to some agent comments, definitely!
Here goes …

Madagascar workshop
Madagascar Winner – Jenman Safaris
Madagascar Workshop
Madagascar Workshop
madagascar workshop
Jenman Safaris
madagascar workshop
Patti – Jenman Safaris

Thanks, Patti. Very interesting and I will certainly think “Jenman” if and when the occasion arises to sell Madagascar. The dhow trip was very tempting! Well done Mike on his display.
–  Odlum Travel & Tours

Thank you to Jenman Safaris for hosting the workshop, it was a lovely event and I think everyone found it very informative and interesting.
–  XL online tours

Thanks for the invite. Was lovely to meet you and learn more about Madagascar. As Lucinda mentioned, it would have been good to have been able to ask more questions. But otherwise you covered the highlights of the destination well, and I look forward to selling your packages if I get the chance.
–  African Travel Experts

It was well worth my while attending the workshop. I feel I now have a good general understanding of what Madagascar offers as a travel destination, which, as you pointed out, is very important to understand. Its not a destination for everyone.

A suggestion:  have a couple of questions to the audience on the destination. First to answer correctly gets a small prize.
A cements the information into our minds.

– African Tamed

Thanks for having us. It was very interesting and informative and we hope to get some business for you now that we know more about Madagascar.
–  Getaway African travel and tours

Thank you, Patti – really enjoyed the workshop and found it hugely informative – was so glad to have been there.  It was brilliant to be broken into short sections like that too.  We came back very excited about the destination!!
–  B-J, Anne & Natalie

Thanks very much for last night. I left knowing more about Madagascar and will certainly keep Jenman in mind should I get any requests.
Have a great weekend.

–  PJ’s Travel and Tours

Thank you so much for inviting us. It was an informative time and good to have met suppliers personally. Thanks too for your kind hospitality.
– Club Travel

Many thanks for the invitation and of course I am very grateful for the fantastic prize that I won – so thank you to Air Madagascar and Legacy Hotels.  I really look forward to seeing the country and look forward to getting the destination added to our website.

The presentation was very informative – the only thing I felt may be missing was just the opportunity to ask any questions of any of the speakers – I know that maybe makes it a little to “formal” and of course there is the break too where you can ask questions – but it might be good just to add a little question time either at the end or quickly after each speaker.  This can also be judged on the number of people that attend as sometimes Q & A sessions can go on a little long!

Otherwise – it was super to get a overview of the country and everything it has to offer.  It is a very exciting destination.
–  African Travel Experts

Fabulous workshop , we are feeling fired up about Madagascar.
– Chelsea Travel

Congratulations for a thoroughly put together presentation: it was really wonderful. What a country!!

It will certainly help towards trying to promote it, albeit against a pinched Spanish economy.
– Benga Africa

To dear Patty and the Jenman Team,
I had a wonderful time with all of you last night. I feel the workshop was a huge success and really look forward to sharing my new knowledge with potential clients!


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