Jenman Safaris Awards!

Wayne Powell (Operations Manager).
Liz Shaw (Assistant Groups Manager)

Every month the staff members at Jenman Safaris send their nominations to the CIC (Continuous Improvement Committee – made up of staff members of various departments). Nominations are sent for the Achiever of the month award and for the WOW Award. This month our Jenman Awards went to Liz Shaw (Assistant Groups Manager) and Wayne Powell (Operations Manager).

Liz received the Achiever of the month award. (She is a member of the CIC, but we managed to keep it a surprise!) Liz has been performing spectacularly since starting in her new role as Assistant Groups Manager. While coping with her responsibilities in her new role, she also had 3 new staff members in her team that she had to train and assist. She is always ready to help, goes the extra mile for clients and colleagues and does everything with a smile. A true achiever!

Wayne received the WOW Award for organising and hosting Jenman’s annual Guide Workshop. The guides also had an awards evening that went off without a hitch. The guides that attended the workshop praised Wayne and commented that it was the best Workshop yet. The general consensus was that Wayne exceeded expectations and all guides left the Workshop feeling very positive about Jenman Safaris. Wow!

Let’s see you receives the awards next month!

Antoinette (HR Manager at Jenman Safaris)


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