The Jenman Safaris Staff Awards

Each month in our General Meeting we award certain staff members for, what we think are great achievements during the month. We have a “WOW award” and an “ACHIEVER award”. This month the recipients (nominated by staff members and voted by the committee) were Candice (achiever award) and Kamurai (WOW award)… and this is why:

Candice (sales consultant) received the excellent achiever award because of her quick response times with our agents. We recently restructured our whole company so that our enquiry response time was cut down to no longer then 24 hours. Candice took this change in her stride. We found out that she was not only responding to enquiries in less the 24hours but in some cases – in less then 12 hours! This, as you know, can be very difficult when you are swamped with work…

Well done Candice!

Kamurai (workshop mechanic) received the WOW award for his excellent service in our workshop department. Last month he went above and beyond and WOW’ed the whole office with his excellent mechanical skills – he actually does the work of various experts alone. He is a total asset to our company and this was made even more evident in March!

Well done Kamurai!


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