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At Jenman Safaris, we have always put a special value to the process of hiring new graduates for short term internships. Interns join us at our office in Cape Town and come from a variety of educational and cultural backgrounds; they all get introduced to the African tourism and hospitality industry, and get exposed to the many features of professional life. They put their education to the test, bringing recently acquired theoretical knowledge to their daily work, gaining valuable professional skills and contributing their energies to our company at the same time.

We have recently hired 5 interns into our Cape Town team, all of whom have brought skills, dedication and enthusiasm to our office. Here below is a bio on each of them:

Hello, my name is Cristovao. I’m a Digital Marketing intern at Jenman African Safaris; I’ve been here for 2 months and am loving it. I assist the marketing team by providing support, reading analytics from the social media platforms, comparing them to previous campaigns, and general data capturing.  Right now, I’m learning how to use HubSpot as a CRM tool to interact and understand our customer’s needs. Working here has opened my eyes and my mind in an indescribable way, especially because of the very friendly, compassionate and comprehensive team I’m working with. They are always willing to help clear up doubts and give concise and clear instructions so that you can accomplish a task successfully and build your confidence. Having done a marketing management degree, I believe this internship opportunity was a great place for me to put into practice everything I learned in the classroom, and for that I’m very grateful.

Hi, my name is Nkone, I am an Advanced Diploma in Accountancy student majoring in Finance and Taxation at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. I am currently doing my internship at Jenman African Safaris and Hideaways in the hospitality department with my amazing manager Sulet. My duties here are pretty vast, including procurement of lodge goods, reconciling purchases, and comparing actual budgets.  As accounting students, we are taught to be meticulous and I’ve come to learn that this job requires the same of me, if not more. I’ve learnt so much that if I was to try and name everything, I’d end up writing an essay. I am enjoying myself here to say the least , every day there is a new challenge. The job keeps me on my toes, and I thoroughly enjoy that.  Another plus side to working at Jenman is that everyone is so nice!!!! Shoutout to the amazing Hideaways team.

My name is JC.  I studied in Information Technology, and the department I work in at Jenman is IT. My tasks include checking computers, hard drives, graphics cards and motherboards. I also work on the Hideaways web site where I do html, CCS and JavaScript coding. At college we did html coding where created our own websites and thanks to that I could apply that knowledge to the Hideaways website.  I have learned more as a result of struggling to fix issues, and can now say that I know more of html than what I had previously known.

My name is Shannen, and I am currently in my final year at university studying Office Management and Technology. I am in the Logistics department at Jenman African Safaris as an intern along with my awesome manager, Zainub. The logistics department has a lot of planning and administrative functions, and definitely keeps you busy and on your toes as you want everything to be 100% for upcoming tours.  It has been an amazing experience so far. 

My name is Tinashe Matsheza. I’m an Information Technology student, majoring in Multimedia Applications at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. In my internship at Jenman African Safaris, I am focusing on video production in the digital marketing department. I create online content for both Jenman and Hideaways. This aligns with my studies as my course encompasses all things media. The goal is to get exposure and gain practical experience in the industry and the work environment. The staff is vibrant, experienced and always willing to help. This certainly makes a newbie like me feel welcome in a new environment. 

JENMAN Provides Platform for Growth