Jenman Joins International Coastal Clean-up Day

On the 19th September, Jenman African Safaris swopped their PC’s for plastic bags and joined the International mission to clean-up our coasts from litter. International Coastal Clean-up Day is the world’s biggest project to clean up our coastal areas with volunteers all around the world taking part. The event has been held for over 20 years when people head to the beaches and begin removing debris and rubbish from shorelines, waterways, and oceans.

Litter on the beaches of Cape Town – International Coastal Clean-up Day

A team of keen Jenman volunteers worked tirelessly to remove the rubbish from a nearby beach & river with a vision to reinstate the land to its natural glory as well as to conserve the area for the migratory birds who nest on the riverside. The initiative also works to involve local communities and educate children of the benefits of disposing of litter correctly and recycling.

People picking up litter – International Coastal Clean-up Day

120 bags of rubbish were collected, which were then sorted and recyclable materials separated. This was the first of many clean-ups the Jenman team will be part of!

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