JENMAN CHRISTMAS PARTY… At Orange Kloof – Part of the Hoerikwaggo Trail… Jenman African Safaris celebrates a successful year!

JENMAN CHRISTMAS PARTY… At Orange Kloof - Part of the Hoerikwaggo Trail… Jenman African Safaris celebrates a successful year! 4Jenman African Safaris staff members, agents, guides and clients were all lucky to get the official Jenman End of year party invite! As one can imagine this caused a lot of excitement around the office – well especially in the Marketing department! This was to be my first Jenman Christmas party and I couldn’t wait! I was lucky enough to get to design the email-invite so; I had a sneak preview of all the important details: food, venue and drinks… The venue was to be the Orange Kloof Tented Camps in Hout Bay.

This is the same place that we end at on the first day of our Hoerikwaggo hike which we run exclusively with SANParks. The hike starts at Table Mountain and takes you along the Hoerikwaggo Trail! Since this is a new venture that Jenman has started it was very apt to have our function at the Orange Kloof tented camps…

The Jenman function was on a Wednesday – which meant that we only had to work for about 2 hours that day! Around about 10:30 am we all made our way to the Camp site… We all hopped into cars that had space and drove in convoy as a lot of the staff had not been there before. I caught a lift with Hilka and even though we had done the Hoerikwaggo hike that ended at Orange Kloof, we had forgotten how to get there!

JENMAN CHRISTMAS PARTYAs soon as we arrived we made our way to the bigger vehicles so that we could catch a ride to Constania Nek and start the quick hike that was planned! We walked from Constantia Nek to the Orange Kloof Tented Camps. It was a quick and brisk walk which was guided by a SANParks official guide who told us some interesting facts along the way. The sights were amazing and the vibe from the staff made it that much more enjoyable. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone that did the hike when I say that it was fantastic!

Back to the camp we went…. And the activities began. I would like to make a special note and thank all the heads of departments for organising the amazing food and drinks! Plus a special mention to our boss (Garth) for the fabulous Christmas party! A lot of companies cut back on the Christmas parties and festivities…. But not our boss!!! So thank you very very very much!

The drinks started flowing and all of us began to relax! Finally we could sit back and not worry about our ‘to-do’ list or the emails that would pour in the next day. What was nice is that everyone mingled nicely – we may work in the same building but we don’t always get to chat as we are busy busy busy! So it was  great to catch up the familiar faces.

A few of us took little walk to a nice cool damn – where we laughed at Bettina, Patti and Co – who were getting progressively wetter and wetter as they lost the water game against HR’s daughter!

JENMAN CHRISTMAS PARTY30 seconds (the game) even made an appearance – 2 groups were made and as the shrieks of laughter continued the groups became larger as everyone wanted to play. It was great fun screaming and yelling at each other to guess simple clues. The clue I was trying to give out was for ‘Wayne Rooney’ who is a soccer player. Unfortunately I had no idea that he was a sportsman so I opted for giving out different clues. The first clue I gave (and it turned out to be the only one) was that the first name was the SAME name as our operations manager (Wayne Powell)! Unfortunately the alcohol was flowing and everyone was convinced that the WHOLE answer to this WORLD-RENOWED game was in fact ‘Wayne Powell’ and not just his 1st name! (I wasn’t even given the chance to give a clue for the second part….) everyone is yelling Wayne Powell, Wayne Powell…. No one clicked that even though we all know Wayne… the whole world UM doesn’t! So after the 30 seconds were up we all packed out laughing at the complete mess up of a wasted point! However, the team I was on won….!

A the day progressed I sat around and listened and laughed as stories of ‘who did what’ came out. However, as much fun as it would be to tell you all what was said… you had to be there to know. And I can imagine a few people reading this are breathing a sigh of relief…

We were then told that lunch was served and off we dashed (well me at least) to get some food. There were salads, rolls, meat…. And more! The camp was silent as everyone munched away quietly over their over-piled plate! You always know the food is great when there is silence! Plus some of our tour guides helped cook all the food on the braai – and well can they cook! It was delicious and we were stuffed.

JENMAN CHRISTMAS PARTY5pm came way too fast and a lot of the staff members were off home. For the more adventurous few… we stayed on! The loud group included; Katja, Garth (the boss), Patti, Becks, Candice, Bettina, Laurina, Wayne, Nico, Hika and myself. There were quiet a few of us left to continue the party. Some of our partners joined us later to join in on the festivities… It was lovely sitting and relaxing. But what’s a party without a drinking game of sorts. Candice provided the playing cards which were um um graphic if you get the drift! We all had to pick a card and then do whatever that card meant … However, the rules seemed to keep changing as all we were doing is laughing and drinking and having fun….

JENMAN CHRISTMAS PARTYLater on a few of us left… and some stayed to the party the night away. Katja even spent the night in the tented camps as she was too tired to drive. And why not hey! It was a fantastic evening and I know everyone enjoyed themselves immensely!

So thank you to Garth and all the head-of- departments for organising a wonderful year-end function….


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