Jenman Awards: January & February

Jenman February award winners

January 2012

It was with great pleasure that Martina Schacke was presented our Achiever of the Month Award at Jenman African Safaris. She was voted top achiever for her exceptional dedication and commitment to her work and the way in which everything she undertakes, she manages to give 120%!Our other award for January 2012, the WOW Award went to Wayne Powell. Wayne consistently “WOWs” us with the fact the every public holiday, weekend and after hours during the week, he is on call and ready to assist with any issues and emergencies that arise from having vehicles on the road. Wayne’s commitment to always being available to assist our guides really makes this a well-deserved award.

Jenman January award winners


February 2012

This month, our Achiever of the Month award was presented to Jennifer Galley, our Accounts Department manager, by Garth, our MD. Jen was nominated for the wonderful way in which she quietly and efficiently manages the most vital department of the company. Well done Jen!!It was a very interesting turn of events that then saw the whole Accounts Department receive the WOW Award for February. The staff voted that they felt the Accounts Dept was often the least recognized department in the company. They are extremely hard working and often have to ‘go the extra mile’ but NEVER complain. They truly deserve this recognition of their commitment and teamwork, so congratulations to Mucha, Ruth, Lizette and Jen 🙂

Debby (Local Sales and Marketing Rep)


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