You’ve just donated 5USD to protect Zimbabwe’s Wildlife

Jenman African Safaris, in conjunction with the Grow Africa Foundation, is supporting the Conservation & Wildlife Fund (CWF) by donating 5 USD for every person on a guided group safari that stays at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange. The CWF in Zimbabwe collaborates for conservation through tourism, running projects in Hwange National Park with a long-term focus on sustainability of communities, wildlife and habitats.

You've just donated 5USD to protect Zimbabwe's Wildlife 8

Africa’s wildlife is in crisis. In the last 3 years, southern African countries have lost half their elephant populations; tens of thousands of wild lions killed in three decades, and in recent years, a large number of rhinos poached illegally.


The CWF works together with stakeholders, environmental and conservation groups and local communities to raise awareness and provide tools for the management of Zimbabwe’s precious wildlife resources. This year alone, the CWF has supported conservation projects like vulture conservation, elephant collaring, anti-poaching, borehole maintenance, and drought relief for locals and animals alike.

You've just donated 5USD to protect Zimbabwe's Wildlife 9

Why does Jenman support CWF?

Jenman African Safaris knows that conservation is a battle that cannot be won alone. We are supporting the CWF as unspoilt wilderness in Africa needs to be protected and we know that Jenman African Safaris can make a difference. Eco-tourism is a strong facet in our company philosophy, and we want to support projects that focus on practical conservation work in local communities and local wildlife.
You've just donated 5USD to protect Zimbabwe's Wildlife 10

Would you like to help more?

Find out how you can contribute more to the protection of Zimbabwe’s wildlife by contacting our Grow Africa specialist or speak to the staff at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange.

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