Jenman African Safaris Feedback on a Botswana Safari!!!

Jenman African Safaris Feedback on a Botswana Safari!!! 6Hi Amina,

We had a wonderful holiday.  The safari was a fantastic adventure and the fact that most of the group were camping made it even more of a shared experience with everyone working together to set up camp and gathering round the camp fire in the evening.  The game drives we went on were an amazing experience and I will never forget the excitement I felt getting so close to the animals on the Chobe river cruise and the Moremi game drive in particular.

The days were all action packed and although this was quite tiring it was well worth it to have a chance to visit the great variety of places that the tour took us to.  On top of all this I found the area of Botswana we travelled in was a beautiful country and I hope that to have the chance to return some day with my family to visit it again.

Our guide, Mike, was excellent and I am very pleased we had someone so experienced as our group leader.  He was very helpful throughout the trip and obviously very knowledgeable about the country and the wildlife.  Mike was also a pretty good camp cook and we certainly never went hungry during the trip.  I was also impressed with the standard of the vehicle and equipment provided by Jenman, which was obviously very well thought out on the basis of good experience in the field.

Jenman African Safaris Feedback on a Botswana Safari!!! 7We were also accompanied on this trip by Andre who is preparing to become a group leader for Jenman next year.  Andre was great to have along and obviously has a very good knowledge and love of Africa as well and I wish him well in running his own groups in future.

My only complaint about this trip is that we only had time for the 6 day tour and couldn’t go with the group for the rest of the trip.  It was very hard saying goodbye to everyone and getting ready to return home when we felt we wanted to go and explore the whole of Africa!  We will have to plan a return trip when we can and see a little bit more of this wonderful country.

I also want to thank you for your help in organising the trip.  All the additional accommodation and airport transfers went smoothly and we are very glad we chose to book this holiday with Jenman.  I will be very happy to recommend you to anyone I know who is thinking of a safari trip to Africa.

Kind regards


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