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JENMAN: End of Year Party 2021

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JENMAN: End of Year Party 2021

Even though the light at the end of the travel tunnel has momentarily dimmed, Jenman African Safaris decided to continue to shine for our end of year party. Taking the time to reflect and celebrate the highlights and wins of 2021, we gathered in shared appreciation of each other as well as our love for travel. Kindly hosted by the Radisson Blu at their gorgeous Ghibli Bar and pool terrace overlooking the streets of Cape Town, we spent the afternoon in style. The food was scrumptious, the decor elegant and the rooftop deck a delight to spend time sharing stories and sipping cocktails.

JENMAN African Safaris
JENMAN African Safaris

We look back on the Pandora’s Box of 2020, with hope being the remaining entity amidst a world of chaos. This hope has propelled us through 2021, keeping us afloat and sustaining our sanity. Accompanied by patience, we have watched the world gradually breathe again; bans lifting, borders opening and travel resuming. Each enquiry, booking and completed trip was celebrated, victory with each small step towards once again sharing our beloved Africa.

Even though we are not quite through the woods yet, we have learnt to see through the trees. We have created more impactful journeys, ensuring protection of our wild spaces as well as our clients, in turn protecting our industry and everything it stands for. If the last two years have taught us anything, it is how much our communities and wild spaces rely on tourism. It has highlighted why travelling is so important – beyond the lodge and beyond the safari. People’s dreams turn others’ opportunities into realities. Without travel local residents are devoid of prospects – in education, employment, empowerment and conservation initiatives. This alone is enough for us to forge on through the forest of uncertainty.

JENMAN African Safaris
JENMAN African Safaris

We shared speeches of gratitude and recognition in how far we have come as a company, as well as individual mention for each member of the team. From refining our tours, to guided group bookings, launching new websites and welcoming new properties, we acknowledged a shared pride for our various achievements, despite the travel turmoil. Adversity is the breeding ground of true colours, and the Jenman Team has certainly proved bold and bright in these tumultuous times.

JENMAN African Safaris
JENMAN African Safaris

Our gratitude extends to all our suppliers, partners and industry members in the travel realm. There has been a significant sense of unity amidst the chaos, challenges being turned into group strength. A close network of communication and support has emerged, a spirit of collaboration rising above the constant disruption to logistics, operations and safety protocol. We thank all those who have persevered, adapted and worked together in solidarity and understanding of the unforeseen and unexpected.

Despite the momentary pause in travel, our commitment and dedication to our industry shall continue to shine, lighting the way into 2022. Africa awaits in all her powerful glory, anticipating the return of travel, welcoming people to her wild landscapes for the coming year, and beyond.

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