Introducing Jabulani our Amazing Botswana Land Cruiser

Jenman not only runs fantastic safaris throughout Africa but they also customize top of the range safari vehicles. We apply our years of expertise in the safari industry as well as customer feedback to creating impressive innovations for our game drive vehicles. Recently we revamped our Botswana Landcruisers, affectionately known as Jabulani – a Zulu word for rejoice.

We chatted to Louis, our Fleet and Equipment manager about how the client experience will be improved on the new Bots cruisers which are used on the Botswana Lodge Explorer, Botswana Untouched, Botswana Wildlife Breakaway, Delta & Desert Discovery, Great Trans African Lodge Safari, and Intimate Botswana and Zimbabwe Encounter tours.

Read below for the exciting innovations:

  • Installation of USB port allows clients to charge mobile devices in the vehicle
  • A fold-down upper window blocks wind and rain from blowing into the faces of clients when on open road transfer but can be opened while on a game drive to allow full view for the clients while in the bush.
  • Tiered seating allows clients in all rows to have a better view while on a game drive.
  • We also have fitted a new style of drop-down canvas sides. The design is what we call a sandwich seal where 2 strips of Velcro clamps over one in the middle this allows a much better seal when the sides are down.
  • The vehicles are still open game drive vehicles but in the case of rain or wind the seal of the sides and front window greatly reduces the effect on clients and increases their level of comfort.
  • The canvas sides can also be fully removed when not needed with ease.

Driving through the beautiful Botswanan bush in a vehicle like this is truly next level when it comes to safaris. If you would like to experience it book a Botswana tour with Jenman today!

Jabulani, our amazing Landcruiser

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